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    Default Re: Problem with loop getting caught on butt of rod

    Good stuff, I will get some casting done this afternoon after work and see if I can get this straightened out.

    Thanks for all your help

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    Default Re: Problem with loop getting caught on butt of rod

    +1 on what Silver Creek said. That is how my instructor showed me to avoid it, yet it still happens.
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    Default Re: Problem with loop getting caught on butt of rod

    As Silver and Jackster said, line control with the donut usually does the trick. It happens to me most often when bass fishing and casting from a cramped sitting position while operating an outboard from the stern.


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    Default Re: Problem with loop getting caught on butt of rod

    I think of "line control" this way.

    If you release the line from your line hand during the cast, you have given control of the line to the forces of nature. The line between the reel and the stripping guide is free to loop around the reel or the rod, or even tie itself into a knot.

    Gravity and aerodynamics then control where the fly goes. What the O-ring technique allows you to do is to control both the line and the distance of the cast during the shoot.

    Have you ever tried to land a fly accurately and the fly went too far or not far enough because you put too much or too little energy into the line shoot? Think of it this way. Could you park you car accurately by just using your accelerator and then having the car coast into the parking spot?

    Of course not. You need a brake to slow the car down as it approaches the parking slot. For a fly cast, you can "brake" your cast with the O-ring.

    Put a little extra power into the forward cast so that it would normally go too far. Shoot the line through the O-ring but then close your fingers around the line as the cast approaches the target. With practice, you can "feather" the cast so that the fly land right on target.

    This is exactly what spin fishers do when they place their index finger against the top lip of the line spool to slow down the line or when casting reel fishers place their thumb against the casting reel spool. We can do the same thing by using the O-ring.


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    Default Re: Problem with loop getting caught on butt of rod

    I've got this problem from time to time too - especially when single-hand casting my switch rod, though I've had the line try to do this (and it usually winds up wrapped around the reel anyway) when shooting a long double-handed cast (overhead or roll cast). I can sort of understand it with the single hand cast on the switch - it's got 6 inches of rod hanging below the reel to tangle up with, but for the life of me, I can't understand why it wants to do this on a double handed roll cast?

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    Try this: on the back cast, bring your left hand - the control hand holding the line - up to your left shoulder (assuming a right-hand caster), then on the forward cast when you shoot line, bring the control hand forming the O-ring down & towards the rod.

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    Default Re: Problem with loop getting caught on butt of rod

    Quote Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
    This is a casting fault that used to happen to me also. Now it almost never does.

    The reason that this happens is that your line hand is too close to the fly rod when you release the line to shoot it on a longer cast. When you release the loose line, the line is pulled toward the stripping guide on the reel. If the line hand is close to and/or behind the reel or the rod but, the line may loop around the rod butt.

    Note that you said it happens on longer casts and this problem typical occurs when shooting line. Sometimes the line will also loop around the reel.

    Remember that the loose line is drooping down from your line hand so it it must fly up in a loop toward the elevated rod once you release the line. Keep your line hand and rod hand apart as you cast. That will cure the fouling of the line.

    Glad I could help.

    I would say this is the best explanation.
    And i will add that instead of totally letting go of the line, just release it while maintaining a hold of it if this makes sense.

    Imagine if your right handed, casting the rod with your right hand, and releasing the line with your left hand. As you shoot the final cast, instead of totally letting go of the line, keep your fingers curled around the line to maintain some control of it, but not holding it tight.

    Imagine your left hand, palm up, with your fingers curled back toward your wrist, but not clenched in a fist. Your fingers form a reverse 'C', and thus prevent the line from looping round the reel and butt, but still free to fly out the guides.

    This looks WAY better looking at my hand than it does written out.

    I'll draw a pic and see if i can upload it.

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    Default Re: Problem with loop getting caught on butt of rod

    I get this on occasion and when I stop to analyze what I did wrong, this is what I usually find. I'm almost always fishing in streams with a good amount of current and, since I usually strip off the line that I think I'll need before I start casting, sometimes it ends up floating downstream; to the left, on me (another Line Control issue).

    When this happens and with a lot of line in the air on the false casts to get set up for the cast that I want to make (I'm a righty and I'm almost always casting upstream; to the right, away from the direction of the floating line), I sometimes get the line wrapped around the butt of the rod. Frustrating, since it turns what you'd planned to be a nice cast into a shorter cast "puddle" of line.

    As a "kicker", I sometimes get a nice strike while I'm trying to get the line mess off the back of the rod. I don't think I've ever been successful hooking and landing a fish when that happens, but I must put on a pretty comical show when I try.............


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