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    Default Re: Roll Casting question

    Quote Originally Posted by jig stick View Post
    Because most of the fishing is done from the banks or close to them, with the tree line right at ur shoulder. We are fishing near oak park and Burt dam, near buffalo
    What kind of distance do you need to cast?

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    This video taught me so much the roll casting.

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    my vote is for Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Steelhead WF

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    When you practice you will need the resistance of line on the water to help load the rod.
    An option if water isn't available is to tie up some grass leaders in which tags left at each knot to help the grass grab the line and load the rod. The problem with grass leaders is that you should have different length tags for different lengths of grass.
    An easier and less complicated way to load the rod without water is to place the leader under a brick or something to hold the line tip while casting, step back to a little past the distance you want to practice at then slowly walk forward until, with the rod tip at 1-2:00 behind and above your head you have a loop of line behind you. Do a close equivilant to a standard overhand forward cast with all of the components of accelerating to a crisp stop and then watch your loop. You will just have the loop to go on as the landing will be in somewhat a pile around the block or brick.

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    You can shoot line with a roll cast if you practice (like you would with a double hander rod and a shooting heead). Practice practice practice is what is needed.

    For trout fishing, i've tended to prefer double taper lines for a long time. For bigger rods though - bass, steelhead, etc - a WF makes more sense, as you can roll cast them, or if you need, you can punch them into a wind, and firing heavy flies is easier with a WF type line.
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    Only problem is, you need water to practice roll casting...Dang, just be sure the practice pond has fish...LOL
    Some have made leaders that look like barbwire to practice roll casting on lawn, but, nothing beats the real thing.

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    Joni is correct in saying you need water to practice,perhaps you will work the Roll Cast out quick & a fish will just grab the Fly,your "Hooked" as well as the fish.
    Good Luck.

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    I am sure my Dad thought I was trying to escape when I kept saying I had to go practice at the local pond...LOL

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    Jig, go to you tube and search single hand spey cast. For roll casting and overhead work the Triangle Tapers from Wulff are right up your alley.
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    For roll casting I prefer a WF line, especially on a stiffer rod. I also think it's important to begin the roll cast before slack enters the line. To help increase line tension, I either use a downward haul or hold the line against the butt with my finger, then let go when I stop my cast.


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