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    I'm getting my first ever fly rod together right now for steelhead and bass. It's a TFO BVK 9ft 8wt with a Lamson Litespeed 3.5. I'm thinking about going with Scientific Angler GPX line. I will be fishing Lake Erie and Ontario tribs, as well as some smaller lakeS in that area. My friends tell me that I will be roll casting most of the time. Is double tapered line easier to roll cast with than weight forward line? It can get quite windy where I fish, and I believe weight forward line is better for that? Now I dont know what line to get. Any help is appreciated.


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    The taper and profile of a Scientific Angler GPX fly line is identical for the first 30 feet for the WF and the DT lines. Then the WF rear taper begins at 30 feet and extends back to the shooting line at about 40 feet. So both the DT and WF will roll cast exactly the same for the first 30 feet of line.

    See the bottom of pg 4 below:

    Chart Diagrams

    The WF profile means that you will not get into the shooting line until about 40 feet of fly line our of the rod tip.

    So if you are not going to use the long casting capability of the WF beyond say about 40 feet of fly line (then add your leader and rod length), the DT line would be better because it will last twice as long.

    If you are going to use that fly line for other types of fishing that will not require much roll casting and you will be shooting line, then get the WF.


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    Agree with siver creekwill simply add you shouldn't have great problems when it's windy with a 8 wt and the higher you are above water level the easier your roll cast will be

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    Default Re: Roll Casting question

    Welcome to the forum jig stick. Just out of curiosity, why do they think you will be roll casting most of the time?

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    The Triangle taper line Lee Wulff came up with is supposed to be ideal for roll casting but..same question- why roll cast? I've fished the Salmon River north of Syracuse- no such need.

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    I prefer the GPX for roll casting.....and all other casting LOL
    Check this out:

    Joan Wulff: The Roll Cast | MidCurrent

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    Because most of the fishing is done from the banks or close to them, with the tree line right at ur shoulder. We are fishing near oak park and Burt dam, near buffalo

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    Practice before you go.
    Most people find roll-casting difficult
    Extra practice will help a lot more than choosing one line over another
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    Practice, practice as mentioned before, your practice of this cast will be more rewarding if itís done on the water, if you canít get streamside find a big swimming pool, as for line for me itís GPX but thereís lots of great lines out there.


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    Hi jig stick,

    If I wanted a floating line for Steelhead it would be the SA Steelhead. I wouldn't get a GPX line until you have cast the rod and feel you need the added weight. Double taper lines have their uses but I don't think that is Steelhead fishing.


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