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    I really don't think its the equipment that is causing the casting difficulties. All rods cast differently, and you probably just need to get your timing adjusted to suit this new rod. I would guess you need to wait longer for your forward/backward cast to straighten out before you cast in the opposite direction.

    I agree. Almost any time I find myself making poor casts, I notice that i am rushing my cast. As soon as I slow down, my casts instantly improve.

    try this.....make your backcast, then wait much longer than you need to. then little by little start your forward cast a little sooner untill you find the timing that works and gives you tight, fast loops.

    hope it helps
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    Problem solved. My timing was waay off. I got my friend's dad to watch me cast, he said my timing was off and I had to cast slower. I casted 40 feet easily with a de-hooked fly.

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    Just getting someone to watch can be a big help with casting, and any sports move. Glad we could help. 40 feet is enough to catch LOTS of fish.

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    Yeah, its an awesome feeling to feel the line just shooting our of your rod.
    And I'm gonna try it out at patapsco in the larger areas of the river in the state park.

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