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    Congratulations Sandi!!!

  2. Default a couple of thick rubberbands!!!

    what I did at the beginning of my casting journey was to put on a thick rubberband on my wrist. Next I would grab my rod and hold it the proper way that you would hold a flyrod and then just slip the rod butt in the rubberband, this will really help getting your mind to bend your wrist in the cast. I sometimes still wear one just so I won't commit to a bad habit. Try it it work for me.

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    Hmmm... rubber bands... good idea piledriver...

    For my casting students who have trouble with severe wrist bending problems, I have them wear a long sleeve shirt and stick the butt of the rod just under their sleave. That holds the wrist pretty firm. They do make special velcro wrist bands just for that purpose. You can also buy velcro straps for wrapping up water hoses and such. You can get these almost anywhere. They will wrap around the wrist and the rod for good support.

    OK now let's refresh our memory on my position here. A little wrist bending is not necissarily a bad thing. A lot of wrist building is always a bad thing when it comes to good fly casting. Doug said it best in an earlier post... "Most folks use their wrist when casting ... It's also true that many are not even aware of the wrist's action. For many like me, the snap of the wrist is the power stroke in casting. However, it's critically important that the wrist's movement be controlled within a very narrow angle."

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    Some interesting conclusions here so far as wrist bending is concerned. No doubt at all the wrist plays a very integral part in casting efficiency.
    And in my book the best casters l have ever known, and at one time l was in to tournamnet casting all have a 100% wrist control.

    My style is a very short arm movement with as Doug says a sharp wrist snap, that can send a fly line one hell of a long way with no need of either a single or a double haul, which in the case of trout fishing l hardly ever use any way, as most effective fishing ranges are within 50ft.

    I always loved accuracy events, and for the most part it was the wrist that did the work, and it has to be if you wish pin point accuracy.
    Your movement has to be replicated the same way, as would a dart player if he wished to be consistant at hitting the target, same also for a skeet shooting.
    I personally have never seen a good accurate caster that was all arm !! and for that matter overall generall casting.

    But ok if that works for you no problem, just go and enjoy fly fishing, but there will certainly be times that a lack of wrist control will limit what you can do with that fly line, be it dealing with accuracy, wind and a host of other things you will have to deal with.

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    Old post but I just saw it and wanted to pass on what I have learned in teaching new flingers.
    Put your pointing finger on top of the rod instead of thumb and point to where you want the fly to go. If you try it you will see the wrist doesn't go back very far at all. A little ridged at first but gives you the idea of the way it is suppose to be (again like mentioned, whatever works....WORKS)

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    Joni, I do a lot of bass fishing with my 8wt. I can't seem to get enough power out of my index finger so I use my thumb on top. Is this a cardinal error while using the larger rods?

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    Default Re: Bending My Wrist

    Thumb on top definitely gives more power, and for me at least feels more natural. I can't imagine casting a big rod with my index finger only.

    I also find that if I'm throwing tailing loops and just can't shake it, switching off to the pointing grip helps. Its likely because I'm less abel to overpower the rod at the beginning of the casting stroke.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Oh... I forgot to mention... I sure would like to see the Triple-Toe Monkey Haul...

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    This is a true story about the great trophy trout that lurked beneath the huge boulder in the tiny little creek somewhere in North America.

    “With his tiny rod, a wispy 6-foot 1/2-weight, Hermann Smuck made his final cast. It was effortless - for Herm’s technique embodied his recently perfected "triple-toe barefoot monkey haul." The Gossamer Thread Tippet, some 45 feet in length, followed the thin line subscribing a perfectly formed loop. Hermann could barely see the fly, a number 64 Black Wasp, tied to the tippet’s end. Upward and outward the fly soared moving majestically as if blown along by a soft gentle breeze. Farther and farther it carried until finally it began its decent to the target, an oak leaf floating some 245 feet away. The tiny fly settled softly into the surface film through a small hole in the leaf. Hermann's accuracy was right-on as usual. He twitched the fly once, twice ... then the water exploded! Throughout the valley Hermann’s cry of excitement echoed, "Fish ON!"·

    "Old Crusty"

    P.S. The triple toe harefoot monkey haul requires the caster to have prehensile toes -- sort of like the Hobbit.

    © Copyright: Douglas G. Macnair, 1997-2006.

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    OK folks... this one has gone on long enough... so stop it.

    I have deleted several posts in this thread... even some of mine. If I deleted your favorites response... well I'm sorry. But I deleted every derogatory post aimed at any forum member... and then some.

    I've said it many times. I will not allow personal insults on this forum. None... period. Not from anyone. Not from a registered member, not from a corporate member, not from a moderator, and not from an administrator. It doesn't matter who started it... this forum's moderators and admins must raise themselves above that level and attempt to calm the situation... not add fuel to it.

    It is perfectly OK to disagree with any post. It is perfectly OK to post your own opinion. It is strictly prohibited to insult a poster during the process.

    On this thread, that started out friendly, insults have flown from all directions. Not many folks are free of blame here.

    Most of the time I try to remain neutral and keep an open mind to all opinions. Most everyone on this thread made some good points... but the argument went too far.

    We're a good family here. Like all families we will, sooner or later, disagree. Lets hang in there together and make the most of our community.

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