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I thought this should be a separate topic for the search engines. I think I already ranted about this once before here.

A new member to the forum, Chuckfluffer (Mike), made a statement on another thread that fly lines in general are more important than the rod.
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Lines are more important than the rod, usually. For long carry a DT or SA Mastery expert distance (MED) or the Barrio GT140.
Although Mike was talking about carry in that particular thread, lines are also at least as important as the rod in regular old fishing. Nearly all the manufacturers publish a sketch of their line tapers, including lengths of each section where the taper changes, which is useful information.

But none of them give the total head weight - the single most important factor in determining what line will fit what rod. Once the caster has determined what total head weight (if it were available) works the best for his casting style, then he could buy different lines and tapers of equivalent weights, knowing that they will not be over or under the weight he is comfortable casting with on that particular rod.

Below are the head weights of a few selected lines I got from Cortland and Sci Anglers tech departments..

I am certain that the total head weights of the Rio Tarpon taper lines will be considerably heavier than both the Sci Anglers and the Cortland PE Crystal lines listed below. I'd have gotten the same from Rio if I'd known at the time that the head weights published on their website are all wrong.

Looking at the Rio tarpon taper sketch, it shows that the taper is the reverse of most forward taper lines - with the thickest part of the taper being towards the running line end and not the leader end of the line. I will add them as an edit after I get the true head weights from Rio.

Cortland also included the total head length in their email, and cut off and weighed the heads on all their Crystal lines down to 6 wt. even though Id only asked for those from a 10 wt up.

Thank you Cortland Tech!

These are all tropical lines so will be of little use to the majority of fly fishermen out there. But at least the saltwater guys have the head weights of a couple tropical lines.

Cortland PE Crystal
6-9wt - longer head profile
6wt - 250gn @ 47'
7wt - 275gn @ 47'
8wt - 305gn @ 47'
9wt - 345gn @ 47'

Cortland PE Crystal
10-12wt compact head design
10wt - 350gn @ 42'
11wt - 400gn @ 42'
12wt - 455gn @ 42'

Sci. Anglers Tarpon Taper WFF
Tarpon WF 10: 350 grains
Tarpon WF 11: 385 grains
Tarpon WF 12: 425 grains
Tarpon WF 13: 530 grains

Perhaps if enough people start writing the line companies asking for the total head weights, they will start publishing the total head weights along with the irrelavent ones they give us now.