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  1. Default First fly cast in garden lol


    Well today was my first attempt at casting in the garden lol. My very first attempt resulted in the leader going through the eyes? of the rod. Started to get a little better although the rod was making a whipping sound - i guess i was going too fast?

    Just a quick question - when starting the cast , should I have the fly and leader on the water with the end of the fly line touching the water?



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    Default Re: First fly cast in garden lol

    Hi LLL,

    Well I think you need a book or video about casting. It will save you a lot of grief. You need to have the fly, leader and some line on the water before you begin your cast. Try about 20' of line to start.

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    Hi Frank, thanks for getting back so quick.

    I took my fly rod with me to work today and went off the cortland free dvd with the line I bought. Using the TIP, TOP, TEN method seemed to work for me quite well, although nothing can beat the water I bet. With a little luck I will hit the water next weekend so still a little more time to practice!!

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    Default Re: First fly cast in garden lol

    Hi LLL,

    That DVD should help you get started. Yes, it will be easier to cast on the water. You will be able to practice a roll cast on the water. The roll cast is a very important cast and all fly fishers should know how to do it. You can't practice the roll cast on the grass. Does your DVD show you the roll cast?

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    LLL keep us informed on how you are doing.
    Try to keep the line/leader/fly from hitting the water while casting and try to lay the whole thing out as softly as possible. It will spook the fish big time
    A longer leader (9') is good for most rivers. Then lay the line out soft with the leader and fly just dropping on the water with little disterbance, then let it drift to the fish.
    However a lot of fish will hit the minute the fly touches down.
    Just remember gentle, and as little water disturbance as possible.

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