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He said Pocono was right about something too, but looking at his post isn't helping me remember what it was. Oh No! I'm having a senior moment here.
Maybe two different casting strokes; front and back?

Even though he's got a lot of upper body strength, if he puts some body mechanics into his casting two things will probably happen: 1. he'll generate more power, which will likely translate into greater distance, and 2. it will be easier for him to cast; less perceived effort.

The key to using body mechanics is to get all of the involved body muscles and ligaments focused, so that they all come together at the same time; that's how you generate maximum power. For casting, that would involve, among ther things, transferring weight from one foot to the other, pivoting the hips, bringing the lats into the equation, plus the other upper torso and arm muscles that he's already using. Sounds like a lot, but if he can do it slowly, so that he can see how these mechanics work together, then it's no big deal to get them working quickly in a coordinated manner. I can't see any downside to his trying to work body mechanics into his casting.

And even without using full body mechanics, I would bet that he can get the line out there further and with less effort when he's standing than when he's kneeling; because even when you're not using full body mechanics, you're at least using some of them.