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    Default Rod Length Question

    Besides the extra 6" how would a 9' 6"rod react differently from a 9' rod? Would it cast better, shot line better,be more accurately on target with my cast. Or do just some people like longer rods.

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    Default Re: Rod Length Question

    This is one better left to those schooled in the physics of taper / load / energy transfer type equations but; I used to fish with a 9'6" Greys Platinum X 7 weight and it was better than my 9' 7. I can't say just how but it was. If the conditions where you fish do not limit the rod length I would say use the longest rod you can get.

    We went fishing at the mouth of a creek on Resurrection Bay last week for chums and I used a 13' eight weight rod. I can tell you that when overhand casting in the surf it made a 90' cast so easy I wish I had been doing this for years. It all comes down to conditions and your ability at handling a long rod. The long ones will take some of the work out of your casting once you have the hang of it.


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