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    I forgot to add: To prevent your D-loop from collapsing, do not lower your elbow - and the rod tip - as you swing the rod back, or as you begin your forward cast.


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    For those who didn't know, the Midcurrent online magazine is the brainchild of Marshal Cutchin featured here: Interview with Marshall Cutchin — Bonefish on the Brain and is a wellspring of information on fly fishing both fresh and salt. Always a great read and his features on various casts and casting are most always pretty close.  8088
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    The line should not be hitting the water in front of you inless your stroke is directed down or you are casting so hard that the tip bends down. The rod needs to stop with the tip travelleing forward for the line to unroll and travel far.

    [ame= index=20&feature=plcp]Fly Fishing Casting Tips - The Roll Cast - YouTube[/ame]

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    That's the nicest video I've ever seen of an effective roll cast. Perhaps you could have the camera man panning out to see the cast as it unfolds in the earlier sequences but overall it's very nicely done. Thanks for sharing with us...

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    Thanks all for the helpful links and tips. I've managed to get a little more out of my roll casts now. I had the 8'6" 4wt out this week and keeping the rod tip up solved one problem; thanks for the video. I'm still not getting distance like I would want, but consistency at the shorter distances at least.

    Randy, you mentioned a single downward haul in my cast; where does this fit??? I was assuming that it would go in the beginning of my forward stroke but this feels very awkward and does not seem to add any load to the rod. I think I am mistiming this somehow.

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    Awesome vid - what kind of rod is that you're using? Looks sweet.
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