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  1. Default Turning Over Popper Issues

    I'm using a 9', 6wt, slow action rod with WF-6-F Superfine Line from Orvis, and I can turn over a size 4 Diver up to about 50 ft. however, i am unable to turnover a size 4 popper past about 35ft. Any tips?

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    Default Re: Turning Over Popper Issues

    How long is your leader?
    With that set up, I'd be using about a 6' leader, 7 1/2' tops
    If you tie your own leaders, try one with a 60% butt, 20% mid and a 20% tippet.
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  3. Default Re: Turning Over Popper Issues

    i had a 8.5ft 2x leader with a 1.5ft 2x tippet, so that makes sense what i should change.

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    Default Re: Turning Over Popper Issues

    Hi sbourdelais,

    Are you saying you have a 8.5' leader and you added 1.5' of tippet making you leader 10'. If that is the case your leader is too long like Rip said and your tippet is way, way too long. If you drop back to a 7.5' leader and don't add any tippet.

    If you are fishing for Bass with a popper at 50' you will have a heck of a time setting the hook. I don't think slow action rods make good Bass rods. Between the tough mouth of a Bass, the stretch in the fly line and tippet, that soft rod and you will have a tough time setting the hook at 50'. I think 35' to 40' would be as far as i would want to fish.


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    Default Re: Turning Over Popper Issues

    6' of straight 10# mono should do it fine. I like Berkley Big game as it has just the right stiffness. A loop knot will help with wind resistance/turnover as well.

    You also don't mention the style of popper. Something like a Lefties bug or Gurgler will turn over easily. Something that is fat with lots of hackle and rubber legs will have more resistance. For this type of popper I like to open my loop a bit.

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    Default Re: Turning Over Popper Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by wee hooker View Post
    You also don't mention the style of popper. Something like a Lefties bug or Gurgler will turn over easily. Something that is fat with lots of hackle and rubber legs will have more resistance. For this type of popper I like to open my loop a bit.
    Good one hooker,

    That was my first thought, if you are going to use the rod you have you must adjust for the action of the rod. Slow things down, let the line completely unfurl on the back cast and work on timing to open the line loop. Shortening the distance will allow you to get it working then you can experiment with lengthening it a bit.

    However what Frank said about having difficulty hooking up at 50+ feet may come to be a reality.


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    Default Re: Turning Over Popper Issues

    Cork poppers are easier to get to straighten the leader than foam ones as the weight makes up for the air resistance. You will probably have to make them yourself, or have them made by someone who ties flies if you don't. They dont have to be fancy.

    Cork poppers are like clousers, the leaders never turn them over, they just drag the leaders behind them.


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    Default Re: Turning Over Popper Issues

    Rip Tide's 60/20/20 formula is dead on to rights. Works like absolute magic. I throw poppers at pretty good distances on a slow action 6 WT rod all the time. Here's what I do:

    For poppers, I start with 15 feet of 10# (seldom heavier) monofilament. If I were throwing streamers, I'd go with fluorocarbon. I make a twisted leader, with the butt section at least half the length, but most often it is about 60/20/20, just like Rip Tide said. You'll end up with a twisted leader about 4 & 1/2 feet long, with loop to loop connections on both ends if you did it right. Put a foot and a half of 10# (or your favorite) monofilament on it as a tippet, and you're in business with a leader that is 6 feet long. Much over 6 feet and I've had them pile up on the water. That could be my casting, but...

    If you need to know how to make a twisted leader, here's a link to the leader discussion. There's a video, and it's super easy. I make these simple leaders streamside, sitting on my tailgate, or even in the living room when the wife and cat are in bed.

    The End of The Line; Discussions on Furlled & Knotted Leaders.

    As for the advice about the distance, that's a great point. At that kind of distance, I've had quite a few bass jump, shake, spit out the fly, and I could swear they laughed at me as they swam off.
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    Default Re: Turning Over Popper Issues

    I use Orvis Mirage 7.5 foot, 1X or 0X tapered leaders with my 6wt setup, and poppers of all sorts turn over just fine. Buy 'em cheap on fleabay.
    I totally agree with Frank about that 50 foot mark.
    Happy popping,
    P.S. I like to tie leaders, so will be tying up some of RipTide's formula when this stupid shoulder gets better. I use Maxima (the brown stuff) for all my salmon fishing; might try it for bass, too. Maybe use the greenish stuff for the tippet?

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    Default Re: Turning Over Popper Issues

    8' of total leader length is about right for poppers, and making the butt long will help with turnover.

    Adding at least a single haul on the forward cast to increase line speed should also help.

    Per Frank's point on setting the hook at 50' with a soft rod: I think if you use anything but a strip set on bass you're asking for trouble. You're going to have a hard time applying more than 4# of hook set force with a rod sweep on a slow 6wt, but you can apply more force much quicker with a strip set.

    Leave the rod pointed at the fish and make a forceful 1-1.5' strip while gripping the line tightly. Once you feel the fish struggling, then sweep the rod and begin bringing it in. If you don't feel a live critter, wait, and he may go after it again. Unlike the sweep set, you've only moved the fly 1' away, instead of 10'.

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