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Thread: The Shadow Cast

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    The Shadow Cast

    We all remember the nostalgic film directed by Robert Redford, based on the popular novel by Norman MacLean, A River Runs Through It as it shows the best that modern filmmaking has to offer. The film is a true story about two boys Norman and Paul (Brad Pitt) growing up in early-20th-century Missoula, Montana, under the stern tutelage of their minister father. [IMG2="right"][/IMG2]One son is rebellious while the other has his feet on the ground. The one love they both have is Fly Fishing. Their father instills in them this love of fly fishing, which for one brother, Paul, becomes a lifelong passion.

    Probably the most popular scene of the film is when Brad Pitt is standing in the stream performing this beautiful fly cast… The Shadow Cast. I’ve destroyed many pretty girl’s elusions by telling them its not Pitt making that cast. If the truth were known, that’s probably why Jennifer dumped him… she finally found out that really wasn’t him performing that artful cast. That wonderful display of fly fishing art was then… and still is today… performed by the famed American fly fisher Jason Borger.


    The shadow cast, no doubt, is a dramatic performance to witness. When done properly, it rivals the artistic beauty of the sweetest ballet. Unfortunately, it really has no real useful place in our casting arsenal. While being a site to behold, it serves no other purpose other than to impress our friends and foe. Yet still, it remains a cast worthy of effort… provided you have the time to learn it well.

    For the complete story and how-to instructions on The Shadow Cast go to Jason’s web site at
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    Have any of you ever Shadow Cast???

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    After seeing this post, I pulled out my VHS of A River Runs Through it and watched it again. I gave special attention to the shadow cast. It is absolute poetry in motion. I'm gonna do my best to learn it. Wish me luck.

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    Make sure that when you finally get it figured out that you have pictures taken with the sun back lighting your efforts with plenty of water drops coming off the line shining in the sun. A significant part of the poetry was the art of the cinematographer. It was pretty wasn't it?

    Phil Rispin

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    i dont think i really understand exacltlyy what a shadow cast is. can someone explain, and maybe post a video if you have one?


    also, this is my first post. i am new to fly fishing, so i have alot to learn and it looks like there is a lot of knowlege here to be had.

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    The Shadow Cast was a good looking cast designed specifically for the movie "A River Runs Throught It". It was designed for looks and effect. It actually serves no beneficial purpose in fly fishing.

    For more information on the shadow cast, go to: Jason Borger - Shadow Casting

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    Nope, no shadow casting here....just the west central texas lake amistad redneck ballet.....


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