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Devin Olsen, Travis Ruiz, some of my homies. I'm surprised Lance Egan isn't in it.
Good luck to all, but it's not my cup of tea. But I have to say this, Devin and Trav are both excellent casters and fishermen. Devin has been on the U.S. Fly Fishing Team the past couple years. Utah Dave should be casting here too.
I'm sure Cochise knows Devin and Lance.
Absolutely. Jeff Wagner is another of the group that dominates. Sadly Utah got rescheduled and I think without a fishing venue this puppy may be dead. I love these events as it gets folks who truly want to learn more about casting together in one spot and these are some of our best resources. We all help each other out and it's a great way to take your abilities to the next level.

Its not like competitive sports its more like bridge night but it collects a large volume of folks who have knowledge that otherwise would not make it to to you if you weren't there.

It's no different than a golf handicap and it will take time to iron out but it does allow you to have a partner who is not great but he still can compete with you. We will have to see if they can get a few under their belt to see if it will pan out. We all know fly fisherman are just as honest as other types of fishermen.