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Thread: For FFF Certified Instructors.

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    Default For FFF Certified Instructors.

    I would like to get FFF Certification. However there are no workshops anywhere near were I live (Illinois) in 2012. As finaces wont permit an extra vacation this year, does anyone know af any other way to get the certification locally?

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    Default Re: For FFF Certified Instructors.

    I don't think there is any way to get certified except for at the scheduled dates and locations. These also fill up quickly, so it is a good idea to plan ahead.

    Calendar of Events - Testing Dates

    Those administering the test are doing so voluntarily and without pay - indeed they are paying their own way to get to the facilities and for accomodations while there.

    The workshop is given at those locations prior to the actual testing. It is also a good idea - after you feel you are ready for the test - to try to find an MCI (if possible) or an experienced CCI to run you through the test informally well before the actual test so that he can see your weaknesses and strengths and advise you on how to further prepare for the test.

    Jackster or others may have more information for you. The casting and written portions of the test - though they must be done well - are not the main part. It is your understanding of casting mechanics and how to convey them to a student in different ways that is the main thrust of the test.

    Jim Cheers, Jim

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    Not sure where you live in IL. However, I'd contact Dave Barron or John Breslin. Both are Governors on the FFF CBOG. You can find their contact info on the FFF website.

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