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Thread: Yard Practice

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    If making grass leaders, make a few of different tag lengths. Shorter tags for long grass, longer tags for short grass. The correct length tag will help approximate the amount of slippage you would naturally get from casting on the water.

    I feel your pain about learning to roll cast on land. I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to perfect my roll cast on dry land. I absolutely knew I was following all of the video's and books correctly yet couldn't get a roll cast out for beans. Luckily a friend saw my struggles and suggested I practice on water. Shazam! What a difference!

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    I've found that you can spey cast in grass that's just a couple inches long without any tag ends.

    One more reason to put off mowing.

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    I highly recommend you purchase the most inexpensive flyline you can find for yard practice. After a few hours the line will never be the same, and it would be a shame to ruin a line that cost you $50 or more.

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