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    Default Where am I going wrong?

    Every now and then on my cast my flies will catch on my thingamabobber... It's more often than not noticed on the pick up for the next cast... shortly followed by a whole russian novel full of words I cannot use on this forum... I use it on furled leaders.. the original method with the loop.. not pegging it in place... Is this a common issue with thingamabobbers? I figured maybe the slight hinging that is made from connecting the thingamabobber to the leader was causing it... maybe I'm funking something up in my final stroke... pointers would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Where am I going wrong?

    Check this out, The Belgian Cast | MidCurrent there a few videos on youtube too I think.
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    The only time I really ever have this happen is when my loop is too tight. You need to open your loop just a tad - similar to using a multiple fly rig.
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    Default Re: Where am I going wrong?

    Casting bobber/nymph/shot rigs sucks IMO. They're very effective, but not easy to cast -- I don't are what anyone's casting skills are.

    I generally try to lob cast them (water haul) and avoid overhead when possible. Belgian works "okay" depending upon how much bulk you have on your leader.

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    turbineblade has it right, its a method where your asking for trouble with overhand cast and no loop is better then a tight or loose one

    i use this setup around the tribs and trout streams pretty frequent and roll cast most of the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wt bash View Post
    Check this out, The Belgian Cast | MidCurrent there a few videos on youtube too I think.
    +1 on the oval cast or water tension cast.


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    On top of the casting advice given above, you might want to try a short, stiff leader rather than the furled. I like furled leaders but not for bobber nymphing. If you do not normally tie your own leaders, do not fret. Here is a very easy semi-homemade leader: buy a 7' leader tapered down to 3x. Cut back 4' and tie on one foot of 3X. Then tie on 3' of tippet, like 4X or 5X fluorocarbon. The reason for the 1 foot section is so you simply know where the butt section ends and have a place to tie on a new tippet after it gets too short without cutting any more of the butt section back. You can completely eliminate it if you want to.

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