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    Quote Originally Posted by cochise View Post
    When I am faced with a stiff head wind, I bend my elbow really far and then at the time when I get it really bent back, I pour the beer into my mouth....then when the wind stops I will set my beer down and get back into the river and fish. sorry I will be in the corner.
    ROFL! Seriously, of all the good advice given this is the winner. Some times you can deal with the wind with the techniques given. Other times you either get out the eight weight or the spinning rod, or just have beer and wait till the wind subsides. Its why I always throw two or three rods in the truck or boat, and one of them is a spinning rod.
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    Default Re: Casting into the wind

    Cochise, you have got it nailed, Brutha!

    Best post of the year. Cheers, Jim

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