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Thread: Less force, more power. Contradiction or not?

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    Default Re: Less force, more power. Contradiction or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by bpeter View Post
    Last week I was on a guided fishing trip on the White River in Arkansas. Our guide (excellent) had some comments on my casting technique, or lack there of. Here is a summary of what he observed;

    A. I use too much force
    B. But I don't have enough power
    C. The fly makes a swishing sound, which it shouldn't do
    D. The line doesn't have enough speed.
    E. I don't load the rod
    F. I jerk the rod too much


    G. I stop too early in the forward cast
    H. I have too stiff wrists [I thought wrist movements should be as small as possible...]
    I. The backcast leaves a lot to be desired (unspecified what...)

    Can all these observations really all be simultaneously true? For instance, can A. and B. both be true at the same time? Likewise for C. and D.? Etc. etc.

    We fished 10ft rods with long leaders and short casts. Distance was not the problem. Accuracy, presentation, line not landing too straight, leader landing i a mess, tangles, those were the problems I experienced.

    A part for casting problems, I would love to go back to Arkansas again some time. Great week of fishing.

    Sounds more like the prob. is someone else was thinking to much, haha
    ~ Put backing on your line... Even if you never use it, it helps you dream.

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    I assume he means apply force smoothly. But I have yet to hear a guide or instructor describe the physics of fly casting in an accurate or meaningful way. At best, the information they have given me is not nonsense.

    But there is no way to achieve "more power" with "less force" in a fly cast, especially considering the "abrupt stop" everyone aims to achieve. Stopping abruptly requires application of lots of force.

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