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    Default Re: The Sexyloops Mobile App flycasting instruction

    I just downloaded the "Double Haul" section to help my practice for an upcoming trip to Belize. It downloaded easily and I was able to watch it without an internet connection.

    It was a helpful video--good demonstration and some very handy tips.


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    Default Re: The Sexyloops Mobile App flycasting instruction

    The Sexyloops app is a phenomenal flycasting resource. It is making a huge difference in my casting. My casting was a sloppy mix of bad habits and bad timing. Watching this app and doing the basic and not so basic exercises has given me an accurate, useful, fun cast and a good loop. There is so much to learn, including the single hand spey type casts, that I will be benefiting from this app for a very long time.

    Now when I practice, I am improving instead of reinforcing bad habits. Oh, and I found out that all of my rods are much better than I thought they were.... ;-)

    Best money I ever spent on an app!!!

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    Default Re: The Sexyloops Mobile App flycasting instruction

    I am totally self taught from back in the late 60's. I could never figure out how to double haul even after reading several casting books. Within an hour of finding the sexy loops web site several years ago I had tightened my loops and was double hauling like a champ. My 50' casts went to 70' with 5wt. I have not down loaded the app but I am here to state that sexy loops site is great and every new caster should spend a few hours there. It helped this old dog a bunch. I have a new 9wt that I can cast the complete line except for a few feet. There is only 2 or 3 rounds of line on the backing. Add the leader and you are talking at least 100'. My hat is off to Paul. I don't know and don't care about all the technical stuff discussed here. I still consider myself an intermediate caster but Paul sure stepped me up a level. A huge THANK YOU Paul.

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