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    Default Re: Casting in no wind.

    This is Richard Nunez executing the basic foundation cast of Mel Krieger. The stop motion photo comes from the Henry's Fork Lodge owned by Nelson Ishiyama. Nelson and I are college buddies, and he is the editor of Mel Krieger's book, The Essence of Flycasting.

    The Secret to an Easy Cast | The Henry's Fork Fly Fishing Lodge

    Jason Borger demonstrates the start and stop points of the "elbow forward" style of casting.

    Is this the casting motion you are referring to in the post below? If it is, are you double hauling? If the casting motion is correct and the cast is collapsing, you need more line speed by lengthening the stroke and double hauling.

    Quote Originally Posted by krikau27 View Post

    My casting motion is like Mel Kriergers. I pull the rod through the stroke. I try to have a high back cast and a level or higher forward cast. With the length of line I have in the air and the time it takes to straighten it will have dropped enough to not be completely out of plane.
    Short cast - more compact stroke almost only using elbow, up, drift back and down.



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    Default Re: Casting in no wind.

    Silver...Thanks for posting.

    I had meet Jason at troutfest in Townsend Tn. I had the fortunate chance to have him critique my cast. A few small flaws. Coming from him....felt like i won the lottery.

    Again, the amount of info on this forum and the amount of passion shown by members is truly amazing.

    After 30 years with the flyrod, starting to think im pretty good...then, Silver and the likes provide another lesson....Thank you.


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    It's not exactly that way, but close.
    However I think I might have solved the whole issue. Thanks for the help.


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