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    Thanks, xnykid.

    Great set of suggestions!


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    I am also a newbie on a fly rod. I was recently given an older fiberglass finwick to get me started in this great sport. It seems all I hear is the "crack of the whip" LOL. Luckily I haven't started putting flies on the end of the tippet yet.



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    easterncaster Guest

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    Another suggestion when working on timing during practice:

    Do not use a yarn fly ...or any fly for that matter.

    A leader with no fly to finish off the cast is far less forgiving of bad timing - in this case 'pauses too short' ('changing direction too soon', 'coming forward too soon') which often result in the whip crack sound.

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    The crack in the cast happens when the rythym is off between the forward cast and the backcast. You haven't put enough umph in the backcast and the line stalls in the air and when you make that sudden change of direction to get your fly to the target it snaps the end of the leader because it isn't moving in any direction. The speed of the forward cast and it's plane should equal the backcast.

    The tempo is 1..2..1..2. You pause slightly between the forward and back cast and try not to give it a burst of speed when you present the fly.

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    I'm another newbe at fly fishing as well. Something I did In the shooting sports to help myself out is video tape what I'm doing. As someone better then me would talk to me and tell me when I was doing something wright or when I was doing it wrong. Keep a open mind doing this and review it when you get home or in the field. I'm one of those people when I can see I'll remember what I was doing and feel it. They fun part of taping it is you can go back and review it again and again when I hit a wall.


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    after about three frustrating years of leaning to play golf I also made a video of myself and after watching it I quit the sport all together, in my mind I was a lot better looking.

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    Even better than the video is to stand parallel to the casting plane, the direction your line is going back and forth. Then watch your line as you are casting and you'll see what you're doing wrong. Watch your loop, more often than not you're starting your forward cast too early. Its all timing with a little hesitation on the backcast to allow the loop to open up.

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    That pfluger combo is ok, my 13 yr old son has a Medalist 5/6 wt 8' and it casts pretty well.

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    Pflueger combo was my first fly rod... It got the job done.

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    I am mainly self taught and would say that I have decent casting. I learned pretty much everything when I started from watching Orvis Fly fishing videos. I would watch them cast and then video myself casting, critique myself, and get back out there. This has led me to be quite confident in my casting ability. It also gives you a good perspective on things you do that you might not know you do! Hope this helps!

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