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Thread: Casting dilemma

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    First post here. I am a newbie to fly fishing. This summer I thought I didn't have enough frustrating hobbies( golf, hunting dog, girlfriend)
    So I decided I would try fly fishing.
    I have been practicing in back yard w my
    7'6" 3 wt ( almost everything I do is small creeks- smallmouth. Panfish....)

    I can throw the yarn pretty accurately overhead and sidearm about 30-40 ft.
    Dry flys not a problem.
    Put me in my favorite creek and all is lost- rush cast, terrible loops- total spaz.
    Fish are having a good laugh- I think the ones I catch are sympathy fish.

    So today I am out at creek at a nice little pool that holds smallies most of the time. I start w a black # wooly bugger- no problems but no fish. I decide to use a white red streamer. I don't know what it was with this but all technique disappeared. Loops were open and awful, distance and accuracy gone.
    Question is is there a diff technique to throwing streamers?

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    Not really a "technique" so much...

    Your problem was likely the rod here. I am not sure what kind of streamer you were throwing, but 3wts and streamers don't really go together. They are bigger, heavier, and more wind resistant. All things that make a 3wt quiver.
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    Was there much of a difference in the size and weight of the wooly bugger vs the streamer? Flies that have about the same mass and the same air resistance should cast about the same.

    I laso presume you cut back your leader when you changed from dry flies to the wooly bugger. A larger diameter section of the leader is needed to turn over the larger flies.


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    mridenour Guest

    Default Re: Casting dilemma

    Did the wind change? That can be a real pain in the cast!

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    Default Re: Casting dilemma

    "I have been practicing in back yard w my
    7'6" 3 wt ( almost everything I do is small creeks- smallmouth. Panfish....)"

    I think Post # 2 by BFA may have nailed it. A rod that size has major application limitations ... and you may well have gone past that point. Other thought is 'grass casting' with a bit of fluff is very different from 'water loading.'

    Bottom line is your rod is/was designed for very small flies fished in tight quarters. And that's not what you're trying to accomplish?

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    Fans of UL tackle (including me to varying degrees) will tell you that good casting technique will overcome quite a lot and I regularly fish small woolly buggers and my own minnow patterns on a 3-weight. However, I'm using fairly large leader material vs. the "norm" for a 3-weight (usually 4-6 pound mono) and the leaders are short (6-7').

    Heavier fly line will help you a lot, regardless of technique. A 5 or 6-weight will probably be ridiculously more simple to cast for you.

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