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    Default Re: heavy wt. injuries

    I fished one of my #7 rods in 9 foot length using big Sculpin flies a few weeks back. At the end of the 2 days it was obvious that my right shoulder was worn from the work. I generally use a 2 hand rod and there is a noticeable difference in the strain factor.

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    Default Re: heavy wt. injuries

    Quote Originally Posted by bmbailes View Post
    i'm always curious to know others thoughts on this you think salt, musky, or just heavy wt. guys have more issues with injuries or fishing longevity due to chucking heavy lines/flies all day? i know for me, i'm more tired after a day of attempting to throw bigger flies on my 6wt.....than if i would have just carried my 8wt. they are a breeze to cast, although the rod is slightly heavier.

    whats your thoughts??
    For me it’s the action of the rod that wears me out, I like moderate to fast rods even slow glass rods and my joints are fine with them it’s when I break out a fast action rod my elbow starts to swell with my 9 to 11 wt rods, I don't think it's the line weight for me it's the action. I don’t want to sound like a TV commercial but I wear a Tommy copper elbow sleeve, it helps out a lot.

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    Default Re: heavy wt. injuries

    It doesn't take a 12 wt. rod or mile long flies. Biggest rod I've fished with is a 6 wt. Bad form and long days had me wearing a claw where my right hand normally hangs for a while. A pair of BB split shot and a Southpark wind gave me some #18 pheasant tail earrings more than once. I used to wear a stiff-brimmed cowboy hat for self defense! Better form has saved me a buncha pain.


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    Default Re: heavy wt. injuries

    I get sore sometimes casting and fighting fish. A TiCR X 7wt and several good sized carp and cats will leave one quite sore.

    Another instance of being sore was when I first used my switch rod out on the river. The fish were biting very close in and I decided to one-hand it all day like He-Man. Didn't even think to roll cast it. Now, when they're close that's usually all I do and I can cover a lot of water. Farther out or in some current, I'll do some spey casts. But, I spent the next day nursing my elbow and shoulder after that adventure.

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    Default Re: heavy wt. injuries

    Casting my 9,10 and 11 never any problems. Worst problems are with lighter rods like Clousers to the head and palm swelling. The worst for me is casting a 7 wt 12 hours and short distances in the Miami canals with weighted flys . Always end up with a sore palm! But the pain is worth it !
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    Default Re: heavy wt. injuries

    Just for grins, I just weighed a few rods, all w/lined +backed reels.

    TCR 5wt w/Hardy LRH lightweight = 8.65 oz

    Xi3 12 wt w/ Nautilus + G-9 spool = 16.77 oz

    RPLX (modified ) w/Tibor Gulfstream = 24.7 oz

    The modern 12 wt setup above is as light as you will find with that Nautilus spool and it weighs nearly twice what the trout rod weighs. The line outside the tip on the presentation cast, with unweighted fly, weighs in excess of 600 gns, so 1.4 oz of that weight has to be moving fast enough to stay aloft high enough to miss skiff, motor cowling etc., or a steeply sloping beach/sand dunes behind.

    The RPLX weighs probably what a modern 15 wt setup would weigh. When tarpon fishing, I keep that one lined with a sink tip, an xi3 set up with a floating line. When sailfishing it (heavy one) has a 550 gn. floating head on it since it has ample power to cast the head with large poppers.

    Casting a 12 wt with that rod (especially a sink tip) for any length of time requires good technique and muscles that are in shape - especially in the intermidible wind.

    So if you plan on going to a bucket list destination for big fish, I'd recommend tuning up those muscles. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: heavy wt. injuries

    Come to think about it. My elbow hurst after a day of casting my Allen Xa 6wt but no problems with my 6wt GLoomis Pro4X. These are my Woolly Bugger rods. I wonder if it's the difference in action. I tend to use a bit too much power also.

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    Default Re: heavy wt. injuries

    RSI = Repetitive Stress/Strain Injury

    Yes, casting heavier wt rods and more air resistant/heavier flies can lead to RSI. Some casting styles are more likely to result in RSI.



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