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    Default Re: I need more distance

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    This is an insistence where throwing money at a problem will not lead to a solution
    There's a number of reasons why you're not casting as far as you'd like.
    It's possible that your gear doesn't cut it, but it's far, far more likely that you need to work on your cast.
    People have been distance fly casting for better than 150 years. It doesn't take fancy gear. It's all about effort effort.
    Don't expect to throw money at new gear and have your troubles go away.
    That's not how it works.
    Rip has hit the nail on the head! Kudos to you sir! I don't know how many times folks try to solve casting problems by thinking they can fix their problems with upgrading their equipment, it just doesn't work like that. I'm no casting pro, but have been around long enough to know that the guys that put in the time in the front yard practicing, can cast circles around most of us of the rest of us. Spend a few dollars on a couple hours of casting instruction from a certified casting instructor, you will be amazed at the results and you will only be out a fraction of what a high end fly rod costs these days, then spend some time casting in the front yard or the local park.


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    Default Re: I need more distance

    I as well as many other wouldn't worry about Casting that far even though it's quite possible with a Single Hand Setup as I & others would use a Switch Rod That's The Reason I'm Building A Switrch Rod.
    To Cast that distance you really have to know what you are doing as mentioned have The correct Setup which is important or like one guy earlier on this forum really had The GIFT for Fly Casting.
    You might have to try multiple setups which will suit your style & possibly allow you to cast those distances which could cost you heaps.
    Is it worth The Costs you might have to outlay?

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    Default Re: I need more distance

    you could always try a switch or spey rod ?

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    Default Re: I need more distance

    Please don't take this the wrong way but where do you need to cast 75ft on the Little Red River. I have been fishing that river for 35+ years and have NEVER had to cast 75ft. A 50ft cast is about the longest I've ever had to make there and thats only when they are running 2 units out of the dam & we are throwing big streamers into back pockets up in feeder creeks. If you really just want to cast that far then u might want to look at a faster rod or shooting head as already advised...that is if your technique is spot on. My main streamer rod for the LR is a BVK 6wt with a 28ft (200 grain) sink tip. During winter I'll sometimes use an 8wt because I'm throwing HUGE streamers for HUGE browns.

    Good luck!

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    no problem man, I was just referring to my technique on the LR. the distance problem is on an Ozark smallmouth creek.

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    Default Re: I need more distance

    Here is Gary Borger in his back yard throwing an entire WF 5 F line on his 8.5 ft 5 wt Gary Borger fly rod during the testing phase of rod development. What Gary taught me is to shoot fly line both the backcast and forward cast.

    So double haul and shoot line into the back cast before that last forward cast line shoot.



    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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    Default Re: I need more distance

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”
    I believe the expression associated with that is, 'practice practice practice'.

    With that I relate very well, I once was no more than a thrasher who wanted to catch fish. Until I stopped and studied, after which I practiced for months without trying to catch a single fish I saw no real improvement. There was a pivotal moment and if you have time to read this; I wrote about it.

    Part One;

    Part Two;

    The blog here limits how many words can be included in an entry, for that reason many of my stories must be broken into multiple part reads.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
    Ard's Forum blog, Alaska Outdoors

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    Default Re: I need more distance

    I'm far from an expert caster, but I will reiterate what the guys have said. Practice, practice, and more practice. If you are consistently needing to cast 75ft+, you may want to look into a switch or spey rod. They will effortlessly bomb out A LOT of line.


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    Default Re: I need more distance

    It sounds to me that you've got plenty of rod to accomplish your goal. You could spend more money if you want on your gear, but it still comes down to learning to double-haul and then practice, practice, and more practice.

    Earlier today, I took five different 7.5' fly rods into my backyard to practice. Even with a gusty wind knocking the forward cast back and preventing me from casting full distance, each rod capably cast +75'. Oh, and did I say the rods were all vintage fiberglass. Also, the rod that cast the furthest (+90')cost me less than $30, brand new, over the winter.

    How I was able to accomplish this? Practice, practice, and more practice.

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    Default Re: I need more distance

    I'm a bit surprised no-one has mentioned taking a lesson. It helps to know what you should be practicing or you will probably just keep practicing your mistakes and the big mistake will be applying more and more force in an effort to increase distance when a few tips on technique will pay huge dividends and be a darn sight cheaper than a new Sage One.


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