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    Hi, here in Patagonia mainly because of the wind we are very used to shooting heads. In your case, and I havenīt read all the post! just some, I would recomend to buy lets say a 10 weight shooting head, usually loop used to build those were you can cut the tapper (Custom lines) and get the weight of an #8 tackle in this case. After that, you need of course shooting line (monofilament) and a short stroke rod, fast action. Then with a cast technique, I would work on a long double haul and a long drift on the back cast. Itīs hard to tell everything writting but i think I have expressed my main idea.
    Tight lines

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    75' with a 5wt 8.5ft is very far and to hit that distance in every cast makes it much farther. When I started, I practiced my 5wt 8'6" BPS Seventy Two accuracy and distance using a heavier and wind resistance practice fly. The result was more than I had expected, but I would go to a much longer rod and faster rod to make my life easier if I were you.
    Or get a switch rod.
    I am highly qualified to comment in this forum after receiving a Specialized High Intensive Training (S.H.I.T) at the Olde Schitt Institute of Technology (O.S.H.I.T).

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