Hi Hoby,

I have looked at videos and although they are better than nothing I find them to be lacking. What do I mean by that? I don't know how to put it into 100 words or less so I'll stick with 'lacking'. I used a book (old school I know) but when I did that we did not have you tube. Maybe watching videos will help.

This past August I guided a European gentleman who was the best single Spey caster I had ever seen. He was smooth and consistent in almost every cast he made. Being able to watch him right there in person for several days improved my casting. What I'm trying to say with that is; reading and studying diagrams in Tom McNally's 'Fly Fishing' worked for me in 1979 and spending time with a good caster worked in 2013. You Tube did not help, not in my case. I am what we could call a self taught Spey caster aside from what I learned by watching this summer. I fish but while I fish I am always working on my timing and through that I get better every day out.

But with both styles of casting, traditional & 2 hand Spey cast, I built a good base and worked from there. We all started this as the new guy having problems. I wish you lived right nearby because I would meet up with you this weekend and try to help you to troubleshoot your cast.