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Thread: Indoor practice

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    My group moves our urban casting sessions indoor to a gym for the cold weather...not as big as a Colorado field house. I instruct, "make believe the basketball hoops are trees that you don't want to catch on your back cast". Of course, the gnarly metal structure is festooned with bits of colored yarn. Casting, even indoors, during the off season is a terrific way to keep refining your stroke and preserving casting muscle memory. Without fish to focus on, work on your loop formation, analyze any issues in your symmetry, timing, line hand motion, whatever. No, I do not use a brand new tropical flats line or even my working quiver of rods and reels...I have a rolling basket of perfectly descent 5-weight practice rods and reels loaded with well used lines and simplified leaders.

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    I've often pondered the practice rods that all the major rod companies make these days... What's everyone's take on those?

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    Santa may just bring my son in law a practice rod. He has been doing some instructing and I bet his boys will have fun with it too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
    I've often pondered the practice rods that all the major rod companies make these days... What's everyone's take on those?
    I have the Orvis one and that stick drives my wife crazy.
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    Any rod I play around with in the house drives my wife crazy because when I wave it around it catches her attention out of the corner of her only good eye.

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    I wouldn't worry about the line so much- condiotuion it well and keep it clean and you should be good.

    One thing that would probably help a lot is to scatter some frisbees or the like around at various distances. Cast at on until you can drop the little tuft of yarn (fake fly) onto the frisbee, then turn a little bit and cast at the next frisbee. When the frisbees get to be easy target drop down to something smaller. It pretty much covers everything, accuracy, distance and ranging.
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    Thanks, Random! I was also going to use the various markings on the basketball courts to help gauge distance.

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    The "practice" rods we use are Albright 9'/#5 graphite rods with a medium fast action. I load them with RIO Avid lines and 7' leaders tapered to 3X. These same rods are quite serviceable to fish with...with more tuned leaders of course. I acquired a dozen of these outfits but, as an individual, any of your second tier rods and any old correctly matched line will do as we are working on casting not fishing. When I lawn cast in preparation for a trip, I will use my intended rod and line but that is different from indoor practice casting. I have tried the "yarn" rods and, no, they are an insufficient substitute.

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    When I used to drive a Zamboni, I could practice on the sheet of hockey ice.

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    Now that would be some fun casting without wind or mosquitos. That is a very rare occurance for me. Cheers, Jim

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