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    robmedina Guest

    Default Re: double haul question

    "if you really are casting that much line"- perfect example. I thought that coming to a fly fishing forum I would get good help, and some people have had some good suggestions but the condescending comments far outweigh the good for my liking.
    I posted an honest and transparent question, pointing out my own flaws. I am a perfectionist. 105' cast is not my goal, 105' cast consistently is.

    ...Look, just forget it. Like I said I will have to figure it out myself. And you are right- it would have been good for someone else to read this an learn by it but any time some wants real answers you get this.

    Happy fishing to everyone. Enjoy the season. Best of luck.

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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Re: double haul question

    I don't think any harm was intended by anyone -- and NOTHING will improve your cast more quickly than posting a video of it to a forum of fly junkies and letting them tear it up .

    That's what I did -- I figured I'd take the heat now and maybe I'll get better more quickly in the long run. No one is beyond practice -- and most need it in spades (like me).

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    Default Re: double haul question

    What a strange thread

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    Default Re: double haul question

    Quote Originally Posted by comeonavs
    All the modern technology in the world and I cant double haul to save my life.
    It is kind of like patting your head with one hand while rubbing your stomach in a circle with the other hand. If you can train yourself to do that, you can double haul - but if, and only if you have a strong backcast with fairly tight loops.

    The first thing I do now when helping people with their casting is to tell them "Now before we start, lets just go over a few things do a few warmup exercises so I can get an idea and blah blah blah."

    Then I describe with words and with my arm and hand the 5 essentials.

    Virtual Fly Casting - Instruction - The 5 Essentials

    Then I have them pantomime their backcast stroke without a rod. Then I will do it, and have them watch how my forearm rebounds at the stop.

    Then I have them do it with their heads turned so they can see their hands at the stop, telling them to accelerate faster right to the stop on each successive time until they get that forearm really bouncing.

    Then I have them use less and less force, but still with the hard stop while looking at their rod hand to make sure they are still getting that forearm bounce, only not so violent. Even a short backcast will cause that bounce if the caster is really accelerating to the "stop".

    Next, I fill a shot glass half full of water, so they can tilt it towards them without it spilling and have them "backcast" it against my downstairs door (numerous times) until it really "splats" against it in one tight little glob, and not a long line up and down the door.

    Then we go out into the field and start the session with pickups and laydowns of the backcast only, with their line hand on their hip and the tip inches from the ground at the start, turning around and walking backwards after each one to remove the slack before doing another.

    The objective is to aim the backcast on an upward angle (as if fishing) and get the line to unroll in the air with enough energy to spring back and fall to the ground with slack "S"'s caused by excess energy. After a few good ones, they will feel the tug of the line on the rod tip when it unrolls.

    Then we do backcasts with their line hand holding the line and hauling AND with the line hand following the line into the rod hand just as on a "presentation" forward cast.

    Try that series of steps and let us know what happens.
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    Default Re: double haul question

    If fly casting and fly fishing is a metaphor for life, I hope robmedina learns a bit of patience and humility.

    In his original thread Rob did say he could cast 100 feet and NOT that his goal was to cast 100 feet. I agree with Turbinblade that this claim was a contradiction with his request for help on getting more distance.

    I took the time to answer his questions, but I doubt he appreciated the time and effort I put into it. He apparently has removed his list membership which is probably the best for all concerned.


    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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    Default Re: double haul question

    Hi everyone,

    I just found my way to this thread because I had a request from the original poster to close his account. As is done with all such requests the account was closed immediately on the request.

    The contact from Rob came through my admin e-mail account and I replied to him apologizing for any wrongdoing prior to reading this thread. Having not read the thread I was left under the impression that Rob was having trouble getting the double haul figured out and that 'someone' had been rude or otherwise unfriendly to his posted question.

    I can see nothing out of line here at all! You may notice that I very rarely comment on distance cast threads because they are sometimes wrought with ego. In this case I saw only one display of ego and it was not from any long time forum members.

    I have been fishing for a long time and in that 'long time' I have learned how to cast with many different rods and lines. I don't recall any one situation when I needed to cast 100 feet consistently; frankly it seems too much work for me to enjoy doing so. I fish here in Alaska sometimes using 15' rods and still I seldom see 100' casting. To me the thread and any offense taken by Rob now seem quite frivolous.

    No harm, No foul, I think the replies were all quite normal and in good form considering the subject matter.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
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