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    Default Re: Sling shot techniques?

    That's interesting. I haven't seen anyone use that technique, by holding it by the tippet when shooting it.

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    Default Re: Sling shot techniques?

    I've done it, just don't expect too much distance.

    I usually hold my rod pointing towards my target, get enough line so my rod has a bend, and fire!

    It comes in handy in places where a roll cast will not suffice.

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    I do this on a little creek near me, works great in tight areas
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    Default Re: Sling shot techniques?

    If you ever saw Joe Humphrey toss a bow and arrow cast 60-70' with a light weight rod you'll know long B&A casts can be made. Like Joe though, be prepared to sell your soul to the devil to get it done!

    The real nice thing about learning to bow and arrow cast is that you can practice it in your living room. Once the devil seals the deal on your soul though you best have a huge living room.

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    Default Re: Sling shot techniques?

    Just wanted to say thanks guys! I was able to catch a few fish over the weekend using these casts.


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    If you have the book, it's worth taking a look at Borgers extended Bow and Arrow

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    Default Re: Sling shot techniques?

    Here's a method from another fly fishing BB. "Bamboozle" posted a method to hold the fly during a bow and arrow cast using a thread looped around an "O" ring.

    He puts the "O" ring around his small finger. He places the fly hook around the thread and holds the tread with his thumb and index finger. To release the fly, he just lets go of the tread.

    If you wear a wedding ring, you can use that by looping thread around the ring.

    The credit for this method goes to Bamboozle.


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    Default Re: Sling shot techniques?

    Is that a release?

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    Default Re: Sling shot techniques?

    I've mastered this technique when I was 5 years old hitting on some guava fruits.
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    Default Re: Sling shot techniques?

    I just wanted to report that a few weeks ago while I was fishing at the Juan, I remembered this thread and that video of Mr. Humphreys taking bow and arrow casting to a much higher level, and decided to give it a try.

    Also, while I'm thinking of it, thanks to whoever posted that video of Mr. Humphreys.

    Notes: I was using a Winston GVX 9 ft. 5 wt. (a medium fast rod).

    I recommend that you gradually and incrementally increase the bend you put in your rod to avoid possible damage. I started at about half the rod length and worked up to nearly the full rod.

    I tried this with the reel up only.

    I got significantly better distance by first pointing my rod tip several inches above my target (the rod was angled with the reel lower than the tip), before putting any bend in the rod. The idea was to send the line on a slightly upward trajectory.

    This also helped me aim. Once I had my aim figured out and the distance, I coiled the appropriate amount of line in my left hand, hung onto the line just above the reel with my right, and put a good bend in the rod. My left held about 8 or 9 foot long loops, with the fly hang a good ten inches below my fingers. I let go and voila, I made a 30 foot cast using the bow and arrow technique.

    I have to say that I was shocked by the result (I really thought there had to be some trick to Mr. Humphreys' video that I had missed/forgotten), so much so, that I literally sat down in the river and just started laughing out loud. This probably went on for at least a good minute or two. Good thing it was only running at 220 cfs, or I'd had filled my waders with 45 degree water for sure. Those guffaws would have turned into hoots of discomfort in a hurry.

    Which reminds me, if any of you were there and heard someone just cackling away for a minute, that was me, and sorry if I distracted you.

    More notes: Look out for any rocks or wood directly below your rod tip. The tip will rebound and easily strike anything within a few inches below it.

    Tie your knots as well as you know how.

    And check your leader/tippet for frays. While experimenting with the cast I either didn't tie one of my knots well enough or I had a frayed leader just above the knot. Either way, when I released what was supposed to be a 40 foot cast, I watched my rig sail off to the right and land in the drink several yards from the end of my fly line.

    Anyway, I just wanted to report that Mr. Humphrey isn't a magician, it's really as simple to make a 30 foot bow and arrow cast as his video shows.

    Last note: The holding the tippet with the fly several inches below your hand thing really works. I watched the fly very carefully the first half dozen times I tried this out, and it never came close to hooking me.

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