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Thread: Fly Casting Book

  1. Default Fly Casting Book


    I'm looking for a good book that may help me fine tune my cast. Can anyone recommend a good fly casting book? Or VHS?

    Fly Girl

  2. Default fly casting book

    Howdy Flygirl
    I would say that Joan Wulff video "Dynamics of Fly Casting"
    Mel Krieger's "The Essence of Flycasting"
    Any by Lefty Kreh or Jason Borger, or Gary Borger
    Bill Gammel's "teaching yourself to fly cast Video is one of the best.

    ol Al

  3. Default Fly Casting

    Fly Girl,

    You can also visit my site and download my booklet, Excerpts, FREE. It's from my book, The Fly Cast: Concepts & Comments. Head for

    Let me add that the other references provided by Flysoup are excellent.


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