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Thread: Choice of lines

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    Default Choice of lines

    There is obviously a big selection in the choice of fly lines and I assume the more expensive lines cast better. What I don't know is "how better". Do the more expensive lines turn over better or do they shoot farther or is their wear simply better. In other words what added benefits do the more expensive fly lines offer?

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    Each line has it's own particular benefits, whether it be better line control (mending), longer distance, delicate presentation ect.... You need to decide what perfomance you need from your line and choose one to meet your needs. No line does all things.
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    Also many lines come with different coatings for added slickness, and shootability.
    Lines also behave differently in various conditions, some are better suited for colder temps(less memory retention), and some are better in hotter weather(stay stiffer and don't get soft and difficult to cast).

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    I've found the better lines to give the following benefits:
    • Tapers up the wazoo! If you can't find a line to match your needs exactly then sell your fly rods. There are almost too many choices
    • Long life. I have been VERY impressed with how long my lines last in normal usage. The only lines failure I've had in 20 years have been self-induced (Stepping on the line, dragging them across sharp edges, house cats, errant cigarette butts )
    • Slickness. Really shake off dirt and shoot through guides well.
    • Low maintenance. They are a snap to maintain. Soap and water and maybe a swipe or two with a cleaning pad and you are good to go.
    • Colors. Take your choice, from glow-in-the-dark to the color of stealthy blue herons.
    • Welded loops. Make changing leaders easy and aid in floating the line tip.
    • Temperature specific. You can get lines that won't melt in the tropics and others that don't coil and crack in cold water.
    • Can get them in 1/2 line weight increments. They can help speed up slow rods and slow down fast rods.

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