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Thread: whipping noise...

  1. Default whipping noise...

    I'm very new to fly fishing, I've fished all my life and just now picking up the fly rod. I wish I got started a while back.

    Anyways, when I'm casting I'm hearing a whipping noise from my line while it's behind me. Is this ok or is that noise telling me I'm doing something wrong? Also on that note...should the fly hit the water behind me while I'm casting or should it stay airborne?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: whipping noise...


    Welcome to the group. The noise is not good and the fly (if it doesn't get snapped off) shouldn't hit the water behind you.

    There are many threads in "The Fly cast" forum that address all sort of maladies in the cast. For starters shorten the length that you are trying to cast and you need to at least get a good read on casting. Tom McNally's "Fly Fishing" was helpful to me. Published in 1978 and still a good source for information. Try the local library or find a copy on the E bay for a few bucks, you can't go wrong with his book. Be sure to find the original book "Fly Fishing" because there have been reprints that fail to improve on the original, my opinion.

    You could also seek out anyone who offers casting instruction in your area.


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    Default Re: whipping noise...

    Definetly helps to have someone give you a quick lesson on casting. I've fished for over 25 years but flyfishing was an all new experience. I think also understanding the mechanics of fly casting helps a great deal. Once you have the foundation you can work on what works best for your given situation/rod.

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    Default Re: whipping noise...

    Like the others have said, you're going to need better help than anyone can give you on an interweb forum, but to answer your questions..

    You're most likely getting the 'whipping' sound because you're starting your forward cast before the backcast is finished.
    You need to turn your head and watch it happen.
    Most likely you are doing this because your fly is hitting the water
    The reason for that is that you are moving your rod tip in an arc rather than in a straight plane. The motion should be a push-pull rather than a swing. The reel needs to pass on the same plane, probably (but not necessarily ) level with your chin.
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  5. Default Re: whipping noise...

    Thanks guys for the tips. It makes sense when I'm doing wrong because it would start whipping when I had "too much" line out...I'm heading to a fly fishing seminar tomorrow night for beginners and so I hope to gain some good tips from that.

    hardyreels - I'll pick up that book. I've heard about it and book like those that have been around for 30+ years show that the teachings are working.

    Rip Tide - Thanks for the push & pull tip. That makes sense and I would have never thought about that because I'm stuck in my old ways of bass fishing

    I got a white river reel at a tradeshow this past weekend. I'm already hooked on the sport and I obviously can't even fly fish yet haha. This forum is going to be a good thing.

    Thanks again for your help guys!

    john price

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    Default Re: whipping noise...

    John you've gotten good advice from the guys, but I just wanted to welcome you to the forum.

    The beginners clinic you're going to should help a lot if you get a chance to do some casting if they have someone there that can troubleshoot and give you a few pointers.

    Here's a link to 3 free fly casting videos put out by the folks at Tight Lines Fly Shop in Wisconsin. They're pretty well done and help explain the mechanics:
    Free Fly Casting Videos

    You might also consider looking around for a local Trout Unlimited chapter or a club affiliated with the Federation of Fly Fishers. They typically have organized casting clinics, as well as informal casting sessions on the lawn before meetings, group trips to local waters, informative meetings, tying classes and the chance to meet some new fishing buddies. It's a great way to jump start your fly fishing career. You can do searches to see if there're any near you...
    here for TU: Council/Chapter Contacts | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries
    and here for FFF: Locate a Club

    Again, welcome to the forum, keep asking questions as they come up for you.

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    Default Re: whipping noise...

    I second Ards recommendation on the book. It is a great read and a lot of info.

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    Default Re: whipping noise...

    Hey John just wanted to extend my own welcome, so....uh.....welcome.
    Cant really add to what has already been said. Id like to hear how youve improved and what you learned at your clinic. I expect youll learn alot. I went to a local fly shop to test out a 3wt and while I was casting the store owner just offered a half-dozen or so tips over the course of the 20min I was casting and it just tightened everything up and flowed so much better.

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  9. Default Re: whipping noise...

    Hey guys, just ordered the book from Amazon. The meeting I'm going to tonight is associated with the FFF. It's Middle Tennessee Fly Fishing Club. I'm heading there early for some lessons.

    Random question...I'm heading to the beach this next weekend with the family and wanted to hear your thoughts on surf fishing with the fly. I'll have plenty of room to practice Any tips / fly options?

    I know this may be extreme while I'm starting but there are some quiet waters and sand bars that I could resort to. Thanks everybody for your comments so far! Huge help!!


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    Default Re: whipping noise...

    I'm afraid I wasn't aware that they had surf fishing in middle Tennessee
    Where ya going ?

    Clouser minnows and deceivers work just about anywhere (even mid-Tenn). Big streamers of any sort, especially woolybuggers in a pinch.
    Fishing the beach can be difficult with out a stripping basket. You can make a simple one from a bungee cord and a mesh plastic basket from the dollar store.

    like this one

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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