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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
    The green tin of Mucilin is silicone based, is this what you used or the red?
    Jackster raises an important point. One should never use any silicon based line treatment when that line is used on a bamboo rod. Silicone is very difficult to remove and refinishing the rod will be a horror show. The rod coating will bead rather than coat. So use the Red Mucilin with bamboo.

    I also recommend not using Armor All or any of the auto dashboard treatments. Use products specifically designed for fly line.

    Modern fly lines are self lubricating but they do get dirty, Soap and water will clean off the dirt.

    Older fly lines do need line treatments. I still use some 333's and 444's that do better with Russ Peak's line dressing, Sci Anglers line dressing, and Zipcast.


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    Default Re: what is best for cleaning fly line

    Hi Jack & Silver,

    I haven't had a 'tin' for over 20 years and now wish I had kept some of the old style containers. The lids on the plastic jobs seems always to come off while it is in my tackle bag. I have always used the original red label product and regardless of what age of lines I applied it to it always seems to work. I remember buying a green label when they came out with it but don't recall why I didn't like it, gave it to another fellow and stayed the course. If you happen to have a bunch of tins lying about I would love to have one

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
    I remember when this stuff was all the rage. I tried it and found it to be just a tad more effective than plain water. It did leave a swath of dirt on the cleaning cloth I used it with but then so did plain water. It did seem to leave a bit more slickness but again, a very short-lived slickness especially considering the price and some very good, time proven alternatives.

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