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    Default Re: Letting the Loops Inform Me

    Yep my loops inform me. Still after all these years, my casting can get wild especially when fatigue sets in.

    I like coming up with new solutions to some old problems, I like new casts and new approaches.

    Im really working on consistency with my skagit and spey casting especially when switching up my casts.

    The beauty for me is the days, when after working on casts and fishing a lot is having just a great day, casting and catching fish, not having to think about or work at it.

    Avoiding low branches, rocks, brush, logs, looking and putting my fly right in the zone, hooking up on some great trout.


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    Default Re: Letting the Loops Inform Me

    Quote Originally Posted by karstopo View Post
    Its like I know how to fly cast and how to cast a baitcasting set up, but sometimes my signals get crossed. The little phrase let the loops show the way is a reset button. Thought I would share for those that might struggle with something similar from time to time.
    I'm there, dude.

    I get the "lines crossed" effect all the time and have to observe and remind myself. Noticed this quite some time ago when I was using vid function on my camera to check something about line tracking and a certain rig. Wow...looked like I was casting a spinning rod on the forward a good percentage of the time.

    Same type phenomenon occurs after a lot of shoreline fishing with high foliage behind me. Subconsciously, I tend to develop a very high backcast and have to reset when wading creeks without such obstacles behind me.

    Just becomes part of the normal adjustments across tackle lines and water types anymore. Took a long time for me to realize it, though, and I sometimes wonder if other folks casting problems have their root in the same area. Use the Loop Mantra, think of the flat plane above, ponder proception, whatever and all it takes to put it together right.

    I'm at my worst here when sight fishing and aiming at a compelling target

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