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Thread: Favorite cast

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    Embarrassed to admit that after 50 years of fly fishing I've had to look up most of the casts mentioned.
    I've been doing them all my fishing life, just didn't know what they were called.

    In my defence;
    a picture paints a thousand words.
    "that which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet!.

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    When the fly shop I frequent used to hold a spring warm up/refresher class on casting, the Orvis/FFI certified casting who taught the class always used me as an example....of what not to do. She'd point out that I could make long casts, 50 to 60 feet and accurate ones but I was doing it totally wrong. Blame 45 years of spin fishing and never taking a one on one class with an instructor. It's not that I don't know the mechanics of good casting I could teach someone new how to cast, but it would be a do as I say not as do instruction. Back to my favorite cast. Aware of what the good mechanics of a cast are, there will be that cast where I can feel it in my arm, body, rod and mind that everything has clicked. The line has straightened out on the back cast. I've started my forward cast at just the right moment, and stopped it precisely when I should. The line goes past me with a tight loop and lays the fly out to land gently on the water. It's like whoa. I've had a zen moment. Mind, body and tool as one. Great feeling. I enjoy it when it happens, but like anything spiritual it's hard work and to do it on every cast I would have to constantly think about it which would make it just like work and take away from the enjoyment I have just by being on the stream.

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    Favorite cast is the one where the dry fly lands slightly above where I believe the fish to be rising and it's actually those few seconds between when it lands and when the fish takes it. In my mind when the fly lands I say to myself looks good, and at that moment of the take I say to myself perfect cast.

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    A double spey cast

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    Switch rod: when you set that perfect anchor that allows that leasurely sweeping cast that bombs the line out.

    Dry fly: The tight loop that unfurls about a foot over the water and the fly line, leader and fly just seems to hover before lightly touching down.

    Nymphing: the cast right above the lane of a fish you can see feeding in the column and that mend the one that you know was perfect and have to wait to set the hook because you just know the hit is coming.

    Bonus, Bass/pike fishing: not so much a cast but that strip that causes a blow up but you know they missed it. Keeping rhythm/cadence to strip again and not rip the fly out of their mouth and getting that come back second take where they just inhale the fly. There is an addicting satisfaction, almost smugness, stemming from the discipline as you finally strip set and feel them take off for the depths.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevind62 View Post
    My favorite cast is the one that ends up with my leader, tippet, and flies all tied in a knot that knot even the most seasoned, talented, and highly intelligent knot tier could not possibly tie if he practiced for a thousand years. It never ceases to amaze me how my line can loop through itself so many times in one single stroke.
    I did that yesterday, the most perfect dropper loop I've ever seen-accidentally of course.


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    My favorite cast will be nailing a perfect roll cast with a dry fly to the nose of a rising fish.

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    My perfect cast is a big old reach cast to get the line and leader up stream of the fly. Ideally the fly is facing upstream because on some water that matters. This should leave me with a 5 or 6 foot drag free drift and a nice fish on at the end. Now this all looks like **** to someone who is looking for perfect loops unwinding in front of them but it will catch 10 times more fish.
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    Anything under 25'.....sight fishing, wind or no wind

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    On target with desired line/leader placement.

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