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  1. Default Speycasting Masterclass DVD

    Here's a wee clip of my buddies Speycasting Masterclass DVD, the DVD is out in some stores now.
    Great DVD with some state of the art graphic's that make anybody speycast like a world champion.

    YouTube - Scott MacKenzie's Spey Casting Masterclass: INTRO


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    That trailer looks so intense and inspiring...I am definitely now on the prowl for a copy of my own.
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    Default Re: Speycasting Masterclass DVD

    Hi Ben,

    Here is a site that Big Cliff found about Spey casting with a single handed and double handed rod. Twelve quick lessons for free. If you are real serious about Spey casting a DVD is the best way to go.


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    Hi ben ,
    The DVD is so cool, it has state of the art comuter graphic's that sets it apart for anything else in Spey, Scott is also three times world champion and a qualified Instructor. and regarded as the Best Speycaster in the world right now.
    I garantee if you do get a copy you wont be dissapointed, if you need help finding a copy in a store let me know and i will tell you where you can get them on-line , as they are just out in NTSC format, they retail at $49.99 in the stores, same price as the UK and this has been the fastest selling fishing DVD ever in the UK.
    It will have you out swinging a Spey rod right after you watch it, not saying you will cast a fly 70 yds but you will see it in the DVD and learn how to.. if you want to.

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    Didn't Scott McKenzie sing If You're Going to San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)

    YouTube - Scott MacKenzie - San Francisco with lyrics

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    There for sale on Amazon, or you can see Scott doing a demo at the Sandy river Speyclave in Oregon in May as well as a host of other Speycasters.

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    Good video, but doesn't go into the different techniques that must be used for casting different kinds of lines - skagit, scandi, etc.

    Also lacks info on matching lines to rod lengths and fishing situations.


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    As a follow-up to my previous post: One of the reasons I struggled so much with spey casting last year was that the videos I watched didn't point out that there is no one-size-fits-all spey cast.

    The line - its bellly length, wether is sinking or floating - the water - river or lake - affects the casting techniques we should use.

    For example, I tried to use the Mackenzie method with a Scandi line. It didn't work.


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    Default Re: Speycasting Masterclass DVD

    I realize this is an older thread, but maybe somebody will find it like I did. I just started spey casting this year. I built a Meiser 15' 8/9 wt. Bob Mieser of Meiser rods told me what line would work best on it and what weight reel would balance it with the lenght handle he suggested. I basically learned everything watching You Tube. I am already putting casts out well over 100' and can do lots of casts. Snap T, Snake roll, Jelly Roll, double spey, wombat, etc. Do not go blind into it however, as there needs to be line to rod matching and wieght balancing. Bob Meiser, who is one of the top spey rod designers on the planet was great help in that department. There are also charts on line for line/rod matching. On the spey rod forum, it is virtually unanimous that the RIO DVD is the best for learning from DVD. I have got to tell you, spey casting is my new favorite thing. There is nothing cooler than executing a multi-spiral snake roll ending in shooting over a hundred feet of line.

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