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    Default Modern Fly-Casting Methods by Lefty Kreh

    I picked up this book this weekend. Has anyone ever read it and did you get something out of it? I'm a beginner so I figure any little bit will help me. I appreciate your comments.

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    Hi Terry,

    Yes, it's a very good little book. However, as a beginner, I would recommend you download my free booklet on the fly cast from Print it out and carry it along when you head outside to practice. The booklet is designed as a self-teaching aid ... when you do something wrong, stop! Refer to the booklet and try that step again. Master my fundamentals first, then Lefty's book will make more sense as you advance your technique. When you are ready, but not until, take notice of how he uses the water haul.

    Now 80, Lefty remains one of the rare icons of the sport -- master caster, master angler, master teacher.

    The problem with most folks is (1) they do not practice, and (2) when they do, they practice making the same mistake over and over again. I call this "reinforcing defeat."

    Good Luck ... If I can help, simply ask.


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    Terry, don't miss the opportunity to get Doug's book. It is an excellent tutorial, and I've also had the opportunity to meet Doug and listen to a presentation he gave to our fly fishing club in Tyler (this was before you found us). His approach and teaching methods are very informative. Doug, hope our program chairman will schedule you again some time.

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    Hi Gordon,

    Many thanks for the kind words ... If invited, I'll come unless age finally wins the battle.


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    Doug... you're too darn onery for age beet you.

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