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    Default Re: So I was practicing my casting today when this happened....

    Quote Originally Posted by Hirdy View Post
    Learning to carry more line without a haul can be a useful way to improve your full distance cast. You really need to concentrate on getting maximum translation before rotation to make it work. I regularly push my casting limits in this way, since the normal distance cast is much easier if the rod hand is working at maximum efficiency.

    Last year, it paid off at our club casting day when they decided to run a "novelty casting event". Furthest cast without a haul. I cleaned up with a measured distance of 90' using a DT line. Next closest was 58'. (To be fair, none of the other guys ever practice casting without a haul, which is why it was chosen as a novelty event.)

    Ok. You've inspired me. 90' is a long cast with no haul! I've now spent a little time trying to stretch out my casts without hauling. Best so far is 73'. I'm starting to think that casting without a haul is good training because it feels like the haul masks a lot of errors. Errors in tracking. Errors in timing. Errors in the backcast not being good enough to stretch out the line properly so that you can make a good forward cast delivery. I'm thinking that when you're casting with a haul, that the haul just gives you so much line speed that you can just power through those errors and not even be aware of them.

    I found that WITH hauling on a long cast, that I tend to open up my stance such that I'm facing ENE in order to cast N as a right hander. But WITHOUT the haul, I found that this same open stance gave me very inconsistent results and I think it was because my tracking wasn't good enough. WITHOUT the haul I found it a little easier to face N to cast N and cast almost straight over my head, thus sacrificing some stroke length, but my tracking felt a little better. Gonna keep working on it.

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    Default Re: So I was practicing my casting today when this happened....

    Excellent Flafly. You'll find that when you spend a few sessions on working on the haul without trying for extreme distance, just working on the haul, it'll compound the great work you've done on the rod hand. Your full hauled cast will then become super easy.

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