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    Default I was practicing my casting today when this happened....

    I was out practicing my casting today. This guy was about a hundred yards away doing some landscaping. All of the sudden he spreads his hands out and yells out to me asking if I'm catching any fish. I resisted the temptation to tell him I was only catching *******s, but I think I did let a little annoyance slip out in the tone of my voice when I answered. Then he started walking over to me. At that point I figured I was going to get in a fight, and all I was worried about was finding a safe spot to put my rod while I fight this guy!

    Then he greeted me by name! At that point I made a quick trip into the twilight zone. I quickly returned and recognized him. It turned out to be this totally cool guy that I've fished with a couple times! I had just completely misread the situation!

    Anyway, this guy could really cast. In fact his casts were so good that he kind of inspired me to put some work into my casting to get better. So when he complimented my loops and told me that my casting was looking way better than when we last fished together, I was really, really happy.

    It was a good day!
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    Default Re: So I was practicing my casting today when this happened....

    Nice story.

    I routinely practice casting in the street in front of my house.

    Also routinely, I pretty much get asked on a daily basis: "catch anything?"

    My stock answer is: "I catch about as many fish in the street as I do on the river."
    -Rick Allen

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