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  1. Default Got Some Good Practice In!

    Ok, so here's the deal, if anyone wants to know. lol
    I had a pretty busy week last week and it was extremely windy weekend and it was also pretty chilly water, so there were not any fish biting. So, what else does a busy student do on a gorgeous day? I went fishing... well almost went fishing. I was on the way to the lake to see if there was any ice left on the water. Of course, my luck, there was still ice out there. There were some clear spots by the bank and about 20 feet out, so I figured I would try to cast out by the edge of the ice to see if anything was even out and about.
    I did what most people say not to do and practiced my casting out on the lake... haha. Oh well, I noticed some good and bad things about my cast.
    I noticed that when I actually concentrated on my arm movements, I wasn't doing half bad. But when I didn't put all my mind power on my arm and wrist positions, I noticed that I was kind of messing up a little bit. Is that just a thing that has to be practiced a lot or does everybody have to concentrate this hard on casting? Am I making this too difficult of a task? I also noticed that I could hear the line actually going through the air pretty loudly and that sometimes the fly would land gently, but other times it would kind of curl up the leader.... I shouldn't hear the woosh of a line going through the air should I? I feel like I am putting a lot of energy into the casting process, but if I don't put that effort into it, I don't feel like I am performing a good cast... I know I need a lot more practice, and I just made a terrible knot connecting the leader to the line because I didn't expect to catch anything.. I think that the leader was getting caught up on this knot and messing it up a little bit. I was hoping to get some tools, tips or different tricks and techniques to use to help me out. I tend to move my wrist a lot, and it is one thing that gets kind of frustrating sometimes.
    Sorry for the long post again, and it's not even really about good casting practice. lol
    Thanks for any help y'all,

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    Sounds like you had a good NON-fishing, fishing trip lol
    The timeing thing will come with tiem and practice, I have been fly fishing alot of years and still find myself trying to rush my cast once in awhile. I just have to make myself slow down a little and pay attention to what I am doing, then I usally get back into the swing of things. And with every new rod you buy you'll have to figure out the timeing of that rod, as you know, some are fast action rods soem are slow and some are inbetween.
    You are on the right path though, grasshopper, pay attention to what you are doing good and what goes wrong and work on each, and even if you cant fish get out there and cast.

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    Default Re: Got Some Good Practice In!

    Keep practicing, applying good technique & remembering the fundamentals, before you know it you won't have to concentrate so hard.

    What your doing right now is trying to train your mind (subconscious mind) and casting arm to work together on each cast. Before long it will become 2nd nature.

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