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  1. Default Drifting Midges - Tippit Size

    In water that is 6-8' deep relatively swift current I have been trying a 9' 5X leader with a weighted Nymph. What would be the correct size tippet (and length) for trailing a midge?

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    Default Re: Drifting Midges - Tippit Size

    Hi TnTom,

    With the water you are describing you probably don't need to use a leader with a 5X tippet. The size of the nymph also impacts the proper tippet to use. I would use a 4X tippet with the midge on a 5X dropper. Based on the conditions and size of the nymph you could even use a 3X tippet and a 4X dropper.


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    Default Re: Drifting Midges - Tippit Size

    Depends on where you are fishing. Where I fish, there are some places that 5X is just fine. Others, however, still require a 6x tippet or smaller because the fish just do not respond as well to anything larger. I generally use a 5x leader with a 2 ft. section of 6x tippet tied on. I place a good searching pattern or river specific nymph on that and then tie another 2 ft section of 6x or even 7x onto that and add a small midge as a trailing fly - usually something in the 20-24 range, usually a mercuury pattern. But that's just the way I have found to be the most successful on the major rivers I fish here in Colorado.

    I have to say that I feel indicator location and amount of weight are maybe more important that tippet size in the swifter, deeper holes.

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    i was once told by an old timer: think about what size fly you want to use, we'll say size 16. now divide that by 3 and you get 5.3 or just 5. so now your leader and tippet should be about 4x-5x. depending on clearity of course. gin clear water them numbers better get bigger.

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    Iv'e recently see the 4/by and the 3/by and it does seem to be a good guide line to get it going.

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