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    <<and 3" of tippet>>

    You've got to be kidding here. You mean to tell me you tie on 3inches of tippet? Man, you must love to tie knots. I'm trying to get away from tying so many knots. I'd rather spend my time fishing.
    Oh, and I may not be in the majority here but I love the TT line. It lays out straight and it's so smooth. The problem I have is the leader/tippet just kind of floating out there and going where it takes a notion. I'll take some of the other post advise but tying 3inch of tippet, no thanks.

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    Default Re: Accuracy casting

    3" was definitely a typo. I went back and fixed it.

    That TT line's ability to lay it out there super gently may be part of the reason your leader and fly are going different directions. Gentle may not equal power, and the lack of sufficient casting energy may be why the cast is unrolling irregularly. A more powerful turnover would kick that leader and fly over harder and likely more consistently.

    Double hauling and tightening your loop also could help with the turnover issues.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Depending on the leader material,sometimes people overlook cleaning their hands befor they tie one.

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