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Thread: Casting Practice.

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    Time being limited, I usualy practice on the water. I am doing it for fun, not for a living. Although I would love to have enough time in my life to actualy practice AND fish.

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    I have been casting rather intensively for the past two years, some of my sessions run several hours, several times a day, I work my schedule around my casting.
    Some of my most intensive casting is with a Scientific Angler's 8.5 ft. 6 wt. rod-I like Ultra 4 fly-line and a fairly long leader, using yarn flies of a hot-pink color provide for good visibility out in the ranges that I cast...128 feet with this rod, with a slight fudge-factor for elevation gain purposes, most of the time just over a hundred feet, 108, 113, numbers like that.
    The trick about this rod is the cost...$20 at a pawn shop, rod, reel, line, leader, everything...
    I would say this is the one rod that seems to fill the bill for everything, but back to practice, try some back and forth loops on a low plain, with the rod straight out in front of you, watch your gradually accelerating loading move and keep those loops narrow, switch back and forth as time goes by elevate your casting plain, and eventually you will be 90 degrees, straight up.
    This is also the time to try your double-hauling techniques, with your line hand pull as you pull off the ground to make your back cast, then as your back-cast straightens out pull again on the fly-line between the reel and the first stripping guide, you'll get a motion going and its just back and forth and easy as 1-2-3-.
    We'll back to the fly rod and some more olympic casting...

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    In the past I was getting my practice when fishing. However, I found myself getting into bad habits. Now I try to get out 1-3 times per week. I break down my "lesson" into segments. This seems to help me maintain my muscle memory. I enjoy the practice and the practice helps me be more sucessful when fishing.

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    On a side note, as part of my practicing rountine I make sure that my equipment is maintained and working properly. If not properly stored and or spooled, line can get cross threaded. It is best to store the spool upright and not on its side. I also clean and lubricate my lines and reels frequently. I use Loon or Zipcast to keep my line in good shape.

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    I only practice on the water now.There was a time when I would go to the park with a hoop from a lawn dart set and work on accuracy.Now I force myself while fishing to throw different cast',roll casting while wading in waist deep water,sling shot casting in tight spots and throwing big curves into my cast's.Once the form is good and your timing is on,I think one should do all their casting while on the water.Now if i am on new water i bring my "A" game and dont practice at all,but on water that I catch trout from everyday of the season,I can often be spotted throwing different cast's just for the practice.
    Tight Lines

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    As far as cleaning my line goes,I find that to much cleaning damages line.I personally clean my line's twice a year, once at the beggining of the season and again when the season is over.I use Johnson's "no more tears" baby shampoo and simply run the line through a damp cloth,then again with just water on the cloth.What is ment by "cross threading"?I think I know but in my 20+ years of angling I have never found this to be a problem.
    To each their own I suppose.
    Tight Lines

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    I have noticed that cliff stated earlier in this post about jumping from a 5wt to a 9wt, Its kinda ironic as I am going in the opposite direction. I normaly cast a 9wt. and just picked up a 5wt.

    as for practice, every chance i get on and off the water. not only the actual cast, but presentation and technique. practicing in actual fishing conditions is great, even better if you catch fish. Every time I go out I look at it as a practice session with catching fish as a side effect.
    Let us all share our wisdom with a younger generation. Tight Loops, Tight Lines and Good Fishing to All

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    Troutbum, I live in AZ. where it is too hot for the lizards this time of year. Clean water is scare in the desert. Still I try to get out for 20 minutes here or there for enjoyment and to keep form. I do the same for my bow practice, 20 minutes here or there. The park lakes in the area are loaded with algae and a variety of other plants and the water is stagnant. In other words the water is dirty. I do not wish to have dirty lines nor dirty line go through the guides. I found that soaps can make things tacky. If you have ever had a line hang up that would be a cross thread. Congrads for never having had that happen. I wish I lived nearby some of the areas I fish in the western state but I do not. So I try to plan ahead for those trips and to cope with climate I live in. So different stokes for different environments.

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    casting to fish is not practice....I fish 4 to 6 days a week when possible, but still practice in between...Also casting a 5' 2wt and a 9' 12 wt is no differencs except the weight...all other aspects are the same...

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    The same tuning fork rings in my loins (for all you Tin Cup fans) when see a trout rise to my fly as when I bust a solid 300-yarder down the pipe.

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