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    Default Practice / indoor casting - line wear and tear?

    I am wondering about practicing my casting (indoors or otherwise) and the potential for increased wear and tear on my fly line.

    So, my question is; do you use a different set-up / line when you practice casting?

    I feel it would be pointless to not use the equipment I use on the river but, I dont want to waste a good fly line if it will get damaged... Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Practice / indoor casting - line wear and tear?

    what kind of floor is it indoors? unless it is something really abrasive for some reason, i wouldn't worry about it.
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    Default Re: Practice / indoor casting - line wear and tear?

    I lawn cast quite a bit, but not as much as I probably should. I don't worry about my line on grass or a gym floor. It probably wears them out quicker, but I think the benefits outweigh the risks.

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    Default Re: Practice / indoor casting - line wear and tear?


    my lines for casting practice are not for fishing!never!

    im practising f.e. single t27,comp.distance #5

    double spey or distance.

    this are mostly highly specialized lines or comp.heads - not for fishing!!!

    f.e. spey distance 15 f - we speak of 1000-1200 grains comp-head or

    single t27 comp.-head with polyleader - around 30 gramm...++ #single 13...

    nice we.


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    Default Re: Practice / indoor casting - line wear and tear?

    What kind of room do you have you can cast a fly pole?

    If the line slaps walls or ceilings, imo that's gonna damage the line. Maybe not right away, can't be good for it. The floor would need to be clean and smooth for my liking.

    Lol, that being said, I practiced flipping line around in my tiny 850 sq ft apartment when I just had started fly fishing. Line was beating the walls all over. In my case though, I had an 8ft $3.00 garage sale fly rod that I had to put guides on. I was also using fly line that came on an old automatic wind reel from who knows how many decades ago.

    It was winter and I wasn't going outside to practice w a real set-up.

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    Default Re: Practice / indoor casting - line wear and tear?

    Because it's orange, and has a great taper, I use a Mastery Expert Distance 7 wt. This line has never seen water-

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    Default Re: Practice / indoor casting - line wear and tear?

    Hopefully this won't upset anyone especially the OP I've linked a story at the bottom for those who would care to read it.

    Sorry Wallace but this just seems weird, kinda like practicing my swimming without water. I've never done indoor or outdoor practice casting. When I got serious about becoming better with a fly rod and line I took a novel approach, I quit fishing. I found myself a perfect place with plenty of back cast space and with water in front of me. There were few if any fish in that water but I was there to learn / practice not to try catching a fish.

    It was my tenth year owning a fly rod. I had tried to learn while I tried to catch fish and after ten years I was hardly better than I was at the beginning. I bought a book, I read the book, it was well done and I did exactly what the book suggested, I found a place to practice and learn.

    I spent over 2 months every chance I had I went to my place of learning and I worked on everything from the introductory roll cast to the Steeple Cast and Shepherds Hook or Curve casts. Some evenings went well and some not so well but I stuck to it and when I felt ready to go to the river to try catching a fish I believed myself to be ready. That was August 20, 1978 and I had been at it since 1968.

    Those couple months of training were the best possible thing I could have done. When I went fishing the morning of August 20 I caught 3 trout. Dog Days in Northern Pennsylvania, warm water, high humidity and morning fog but I caught three trout and it wasn't an accident, it wasn't luck, it was the result of training and my new found dedication to becoming someone who 'knew' what he was doing.

    After that day every day I went fishing may have been additional practice as I continued to sharpen the skills I had taught myself. I never thought of it as practice, all that happened during the learning period. Once you get that edge it will never go dull. It will not dull with age and it won't go dull over a winter. You can pick a rod at any time and cast as if you were just casting 5 minutes prior.

    I've written this same thing (with different words) 50 times here over the years and I'm doing it again I guess. Sorry for that

    Here's the original Post about this written in 2011

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Practice / indoor casting - line wear and tear?

    Thanks, all, for your replies... Much appreciated.

    Glad to hear I don’t need to worry about line-wear if I’m casting on a lawn / grass. If I find myself casting on a hard surface, I think I’ll feel better by choosing a line which I don’t care too much about.

    Ard: Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I see a lot of wisdom in it and hope that I have the time / facility to practice in the manner you suggest.

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    Default Re: Practice / indoor casting - line wear and tear?

    For practice, I use an old Orvis line I don't care about. I'm casting on our gravel parking/trailer turnaround area and I never feel or see any damage to that line, but I've never checked it with a mic. However when we get a decent amount of snow on the ground, then I use my high quality lines. I think throwing correct casts with the old somewhat incompatible Orvis line makes me cast my high end matched to the rod lines better.

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    Default Re: Practice / indoor casting - line wear and tear?

    I've saved a bunch of my old fly lines-Lord knows what for-but I don'y worry too much about lawn casting. I use real DT lines I can swap ends when line line stops floating so good or when the cracks in the finish are full of dirt and easy to see. I suppose I could use one of the old ones for a class or instruction but I don't think it hurts them that much.
    The yard in my new(er) house is small, but at the old house I'd often cast in the yard just for fun when I couldn't get away to fish. Curve casts around obstructions and into the wood shed- fun stuff.

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