many years ago i fished for big carps in a river.there was a good place on the other side ca 100 ft away. i had

a 12,6 #8/9 spey with me with a special-polyleader.first try and i hit the place nearly-mending and waiting.after some seconds

there was it big pull and i tried to get him.ca.50-60 ft away from me the "carp" came to the surface and changed to a wonderful

big swan - his swimming foot was slung to the polyleader.he started to fly and came down after 1 minute more and it tooks me

10 minutes more to make him free - this was the first time that my wife was happy and laughing for hours with my hobby-she was

painting some meters away.

have fun


p.s.the swan was jealous and dived to the leader - i didnīt see it...