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    Default Please, no autographs

    So i have been a terrible fly caster my whole life. My maximum casting distance was around 40'-50'.

    So the last week i have been practicing casting in my back yard for 30 minutes a day. Well today with a very slight breeze at my back, i got all my fly line out.

    It was a swirling wind, so even when the wind shifted so that i was casting into it, i was still able to get 60' casts on a pretty regular basis. And when the wind died down i was in the 70-80' range. This was a huge improvement for me.

    I was doing this on a sage DT2 5wt with flyline that is at least 6 years old. I wasnt using a fly however.

    My next goal is to try to get a small streamer in the 60-70' range on my 8 wt. That is actually a useful distance for when i go walleye fishing. Although it is kind of useless for trout fishing.

    I know this thread is just about me bragging, but if you saw me cast even 3 months ago you would of laughed at me. I guess practicing is the key.

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    Default Re: Please, no autographs

    MTskibum: Yes practicing your casting will certainly improve both the accuracy and the distance, keep up the good work!


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    Default Re: Please, no autographs

    Congratulations! i would think of it not as bragging, but an incentive for ppl like me who are awful casters to practice, practice,practice.

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