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    Default I need to practice!

    I realized I've fallen into a lot of bad habits--I'm not casting so much as I'm flailing. It's so easy to start making the flycast a power move rather than a thing of finesse and timing. Couple that with fighting the wind, and things get ragged in a hurry.

    It's time to get in the yard and drill the fundamentals.

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    Default Re: I need to practice!

    It seems that we talk about this frequently. Best advise I can offer is when the cast starts to deteriorate, shorten things up and regain control. It is better to cast a good short line than a terrible long one.

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    Default Re: I need to practice!

    Ditto what Ard posted. I sometimes find myself getting tired and sloppy, and
    shorten things up until the brain kicks back in.

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