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Thread: First Concerts

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    My first show was... Korn. And limp biscuit. Family Values tour.
    Don’t judge me.
    Different times. I was a teenager, going was in a phase. But in the next few years after that I got to see a lot of great shows. And I’ve been to some kick ass ones recently.
    Some highlights for me from over there years are;
    Them Crooked Vultures, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, James Brown, Tool, NIN.

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    Again not a first concert but just got back from seeing Arlo Guthrie and his daughter Sarah Lee Guthrie's, Alice's Restaurant Tour. Great concert. Nice mix of originals from both of them with some Woody Guthrie thrown in. Arlo is a great story teller and told several between songs.

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    Billy Joel, Stranger tour 1978, New Haven Coliseum. My mother took me as I was but 12. Awesome show with ‘new’ material from the 52nd Street album slid in. Tons of weed burning: smoke from all directions. First contact buzz! First show unescorted: J Geils band, Love Stinks tour 1981, Hartford Civic Center. Peter Wolf was such an amazing showman! While I have been to many memorable and entertaining big concerts in large venues, the best shows I have ever attended were say, 2000 or less. Many much smaller. Probably one of the most memorable shows I ever attended was Guadalcanal Diary circa late 1987, Toads Place New Haven. So cool to actually sit and drink a beer with the band members between sets.

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    Knot really a concert person, but did see Faith Hill & her ensambal in Ft Lauderdale, 2007.

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