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Thread: Prince

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    Default Prince

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Prince

    What a great musician,

    I will never forget the early 80's when my dad somehow walked in to my friends house who actually had cable TV and MTV when they actually played music videos and their was a Prince video on with Wendy and Lisa who were openly Lesbian which was so thrilling for a 12 year old boy.

    On the other hand I think my dad though the world was coming to an end, I swear he was running outside to wait for the rapture.....he was speechless

    By the way that video is awesome , some serious talent on that stage
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    Default Re: Prince

    I was never much of a fan of Prince but his talent is/was undeniable. The music though, brings back memories of growing up in the 80's and 90's, that's for sure.

    I remember watching the video of the George Harrison tribute like it was yesterday and I agree Brian, the talent on that stage is pretty incredible.
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    Default Re: Prince


    I think that the music put out by the late Prince was an "acquired taste" for some. Personally, I liked some of his stuff, especially early on. Some of the "middle of his career" offerings, however, weren't among my favorites.

    Then came his later years and a new approach of sorts-- intimate venues that allowed him to be up close and personal with his audiences. Therein was where one of the late Prince's true strong suits really showed up-- his ability to relate to the audience and "let them in," so to speak, such as in his concert series known as "Musicology." The shows often included everything from big-band swing to Prince simply sitting on-stage alone, with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and singing short renditions of his classics. It was a brilliant move by a very talented and gifted musician/musical genius...

    I recently saw some clips from one of his "Musicology" shows back in 2004, and the last song he sang at that concert began with the line "Sometimes, it snows in April..." If memory serves, the late Prince passed on from this life on April 21st of this year, some 12 years later...

    So it does...

    Jerry, aka hairwing530

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