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Thread: Wand'rin Star

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    Default Wand'rin Star

    Must be why I've relocated so much:

    MIKE ADAIR - Exploring New Mexico landscapes through fly fishing, golf, and art.

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    Ah, "Paint Your Wagon", what a classic. And that tune is the best of a great musical score. Though "They Call The Wind Mariah" is pretty darn good, too. Heck, any musical whose cast includes Clint Eastwood can't be bad.

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    Great clip. Haven't seen that in a long time. First thing I think of when I see that is the Jude quote, "wandering stars, for whom blackest darkness has been reserved forever".

    Ancients called planets "wandering stars" (planet comes from the Greek word for wanderer) because their orbits included retrograde motion, when they backtrack a bit before continuing to move across the sky. This is because they are also orbiting the sun. Since they didn't move like the other stars they could be perceived as rebellious, as in the Jude quote.

    TMI I know, but when else could I use that random trivia?
    - William

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